How To Score Bigger Scrap Metal Jobs

Get More Scrap. Make More Money.

Isn’t that how things are intended to work out? From paying attention to all of the online forums, comments, videos, and overall comments, we know that one of the biggest challenges for scrappers is figuring out how to lock in larger contracts and long-term deals. This has proven to be one of the hardest things about the overall growth of a scrap-based business. Lucky, we have some helpful advice that can help you land a bigger scrap job.

Advice To Land Bigger Scrap Metals Jobs

Be Sure To Show Up & On Time

Over the years, one of the complaints we have heard from partners is that the guy or company moving their scrap for them became “too busy” or didn’t show up at all. So they had to give the job to someone else.

Big No-No. This is a major problem for them, but if you avoid it, you will have the opportunity to establish a good working relationship. Having times set in schedules and then executing the pickups will always help you earn long-term business (and sometimes it is worth more than making extra money).

📲 Technology Tip: With so many apps and connections through smartphones, use your phone’s calendar to schedule out your week and set reminders for yourself.

Do You Have Insurance?

Most bigger companies are going to want to see that you are insured. If you are scrapping with just your regular auto insurance, you may be limiting your potential by not taking on more risk at job sites.

Investing (it takes money to make money) in regular business insurance will make it so that you are more respected from the companies point of view, but also that you are more protected. 

📜 Paperwork Tip: Ready to look into insurance? Check out some of the types and determine what is right for you.

Stay True To Your Word

Many people can talk the talk but not walk the walk. Are you able to do the job that you say you will each time? We have read and talked to more businesses that are shopping for a new scrapper because the other ones that they have had would only take the higher grade items and not the low-grade scrap. Or they would leave some off to the side and not pick it up for weeks.

Many large companies have environmental policies, and if you can help them improve their outside appearance, you will be able to make more money in the long term.

👨‍⚖️ Know The Laws: Some states also may have laws against scrap being left outside, know your local laws and keep your customer informed.

Transparency Pays Off, Over & Over Again

Some jobs are worth showing the customer how much you sold the material instead of just giving them money. We have found that scrappers that share the amounts that they sold scrap for have been able to get much more business than trying to be sneaky. Here’s an example: 

You get a lead for an HVAC company that has all types of scrap air conditioners. The owner tells you that if you process it and sell it that you can split the money 50/50. You may think that you deserve more, but you have to figure that the material already has value to the HVAC company as it sits – and you have to give them more value-added benefits.

Don’t Get Greedy

Let’s say you spend the sweat equity and the hours on ripping it apart, and you sell it all for $1,500. That half, or $750, that goes into your pocket may have taken you 5 hours to process, load, and unload – but it is still $750 more than you would have had, and even if the profit is less than that, you will have been able to pick up a new account for the longer term.

All In All…

While there are dozens of ways to grow your reach and your business, you may want to start with a few new opportunities and adjust from there. We have read about many people who have been able to get many new customers but then not be able to keep up with the work. Crawl…walk…run (and scrap while doing) before you keep growing the size of your scrap work.