How To Report Prices on the iScrap App

Ready to make a splash in the scrap metal market? Report your prices through the iScrap App today and start contributing to over 200 scrap metal prices around the US and Canada. With the reported price feature, you can report local scrap prices for any type of metal.

The iScrap Team has made it easier than ever to report your scrap prices while on the go, by taking basic information and allowing you to report as many scrap prices as you would like at one time. There are many benefits for scrappers to reporting your scrap prices, not only to others use the iScrap App but also for future reference if/when prices change.

How Reported Scrap Metal Prices Can Help Your Earnings

Below is a step by step guide on how you can report your scrap prices on the iScrap App:

Step 1: Find Your Scrap Yard

Once you have found your scrap yard in the yard locator, click on that business listing. This will bring you to the scrap yard’s own page where you can report prices, see business hours, get directions, and see recently reported prices from that yard. Now it’s your turn to report prices.

Can’t find your scrap yard? Email our team to get it added!

Step 2: Enter Your Information

Lucky for you, when you click ‘Submit Price’ directly from a scrap yard page, their information is automatically inputted for you. If you submit a metal price, let’s say from Your Dashboard, you will have to input this information yourself. That’s why we always suggest finding your yard first to make it that much easier on yourself.

Upload Your Scrap Receipt Too!

Step 3: Report Your Scrap Prices

All you have to do from here is add your materials, what price you sold them for, and the correct units of weight. Add as many metals as your heart desires all from one screen – just click ‘Add Another Metal’

Step 4: Confirm & Submit Your Scrap Prices

After you have entered the information for the material and prices you received at your local scrap yard, the only thing left to do is click ‘Submit’. You’ll see a confirmation screen like the one below and then you’re free to explore the rest of the app! 

Ready To Report Your Price?

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