How To Properly Scrap Car Batteries

How to properly get car batteries (and other lead-based batteries) ready for scrap is not always the same as other scrap metals. Scrap is not all created equal and handling batteries is very tricky and should be handled correctly. Scrap batteries, especially lead-acid batteries, are not always easy to transport because if handled improperly they could break and then the acid of the battery can spill and that’s where problems will begin. There are a lot of different types of lead-acid batteries. Here is a quick list so you know which ones to look out for.

Types of Lead-Acid Batteries for Scrap

  • Car Batteries
  • Truck Batteries
  • UPS Backup batteries (used in the computer backups).
  • Fire Alarm Backup Batteries
  • Cell Phone Site Backup Batteries
  • Data Storage Backup Batteries

Proper Packaging of Scrap Batteries

The right way to prepare batteries is as follows, regardless of the number of batteries you have. Please know that the primary battery for recycling is lead-based batteries, and these steps are geared towards that.

Important! Make sure that you see the letters Pb or PB on the battery, this is the periodic symbol for lead and if you start seeing different types of batteries mixed together that is where a scrap yard will have a problem!

Steps To Scrapping Lead-Acid Batteries

  1. Make sure the scrap battery is sitting in a plastic bin or pallet lined with cardboard and is sitting with the terminals up. This is important because if the terminals are tipped over, on their sides and are touching, it could have a short and create a fire.

  2. Handling batteries that are not damaged easy, but make sure that these batteries remain whole and not cracked is the hard part.

  3. If there are more than one layer of batteries to be stacked on a pallet or bin, they shouldn’t be stacked directly on top. The best thing to do is to put one or two layers of cardboard down, so the terminals from the bottom battery are not touching the terminals of the top battery.

  4. This will be a safer way to transport them and putting cardboard on top of the last layer is always the smartest option.

  5. If there are a lot of batteries to be stacked on a pallet and need to be put into a truck, you need to know one big thing. Shrink wrapping them is just as important as the other steps to ensure they are secure for transportation. Don’t be shy with the amount of shrink wrap you use.

  6. Bring the batteries to your scrap yard, get paid and start over again! Make sure to post the prices on the iScrap App for what you got paid for your scrap batteries.

If for some reason during transportation of the batteries to the scrap yard, an officer pulls you over you will be safe. Properly wrapping and transporting the car batteries and other batteries to your yard is important to prevent problems. This also is good for your scrap yard to know they don’t have to worry about cracked or broken batteries they are buying.

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