How To Pack Your Truck For The Scrap Yard

how to pack your scrap metal truckWe all know that when scrapping it is always important to maximize any and all space that you can. Whether it is material that you are packing in your truck to sell to the scrap yards…or the bins and tools that you are carrying with you to use to help organize and pack. How you do it takes time…and believe it or not it takes skill.

When prices are lower, it’s important to pack your truck to the best and safest capacity so that you can make less trips to the scrap yard which can save you time and gas money.

Your Time Is Money

Spending time and money…to save time and making money…that is the key to good scrapping and to good business. The success that you will have on the road will depend on how you set yourself up before going. We always recommend having a few key tools when you are out there:

  • Bungee Cords/Tie Downs – ALWAYS make sure that you have these while packing your truck to go cash in scrap or look for scrap. With metals blowing in the wind…you do not want to have something fall out and hit another car.
  • Tarp – Having a tarp on hand is one of the best things that you can pair up with when you already packed your bungee cords. Being able to cover the entire load will help to ensure the safety of the load of scrap that you have as well as make sure you don’t lose money flying out of the truck!
  • 5 Gallon Buckets – Always have some on hand for sorting. They are lightweight, easy-to-stack in each other, and can even be used as a seat while sorting material.
  • Small Tool Kit– Basic tools are a must…from flathead screwdrivers to a hammer, all of these are very important when it comes to scrapping and taking apart of things when you are on the road. It is very important to make sure that you have these on hand all of the time.
  • Safety Cones – Easy item to flip over and stack inside of those 5 gallon buckets when you are not using them…but even better to use when you want people to give you a little space while loading and unloading material.

What do use to pack your scrap?

Having some boundaries and guidelines for yourself when getting your loads in and out of the truck will make a huge difference when you find yourself moving the material around less and less…less movement = more money.

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