How-To: Get Scrap Metal or Car Picked Up

Getting scrap metal or a car picked up for scrap can be difficult if you have never done it before or if you don’t have the proper equipment to do it yourself. Many people know there is money to be had by selling your scrap metal or car, so finding the best way to make some extra money is essential. The iScrap App Team fills you in on some options to scrap your metal or car.

Know Your Options For Selling Scrap Metal

There are a few ways to get rid of your scrap metal. If you can bring the material to a scrap yard yourself, that is the best option. You will usually make the most money from it; however, often, some materials may be too large to bring in, or you may not have the equipment to move them. Below are some other ways to sell you scrap metal.

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Have A Scrap Yard Pick It Up

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Calling your local scrap yard can be a great option if you have many materials from a demolition job. Sometimes, a standard 10 or 20-foot trailer doesn’t do the job, so by calling up a local scrap yard, you can have them provide you with a dumpster on-site and pick it up when you’re finished. Usually, scrap yards will charge a trucking fee with pick-up service. Just be sure to ask them beforehand. You can use the iScrap App to search for local scrap yards and request containers directly through the site.

Ask A Friend

Maybe you don’t have the right equipment or vehicle for the job, but you don’t want to spend the money to pick-up your scrap. Instead, you can check with some friends to see if they have the right size trailer, truck, or equipment to do the job. If they can help you, perhaps you can cut them into your earnings or treat them to a burger and a beer.

Drop It On The Curb OR Craigslist

Borrow a truck for your scheduled scrap pick ups if you can

If you are out of other options to get your scrap picked up or use a friend’s equipment, another option, if you are looking to get rid of the material, would be to drop it on your curb to be recycled by the town. Some scrappers may drive by and pick it up, but it may be illegal in your area. You can also place an ad on Craigslist for a pick-up. It would be a good idea to place it in the free section and post pictures if someone needs to bring the right tools.

Best Way To Scrap A Car

If you are looking to scrap an old car and get paid for the scrap metal and materials inside it, you have a couple of options to get rid of and get paid for it.

Bring It In Yourself

If your car is still drivable and has a legal registration and inspection, but you are looking to scrap it and get the most for it, your best option is to locate your closest auto wrecker or scrap yard and bring it there. It is a good idea to ensure that the location accepts cars before bringing your car in. Some states require a valid driver’s license and title of the car before they can purchase it for scrap. By bringing in the car yourself, you can save the most money by avoiding paying a pick-up fee.

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Get A Scrap Car Picked Up

When scrapping your car, bring the title

Your local auto wrecker or scrap yard will most likely offer scrap car pick up service in your area. They can send a tow or flatbed truck out to get your scrap car if it is not drivable. The yard will most likely charge a pick-up fee for your scrap car and deduct it from your total earnings. While you may be getting paid less, you are still getting some money and getting rid of the car. The same applies to getting cars picked up; you will most likely have to provide the title and a driver’s license to sell the vehicle for scrap.

If you have any questions, additional tips, or suggestions about getting your scrap metal or car picked up, comment below. Also, be sure to download the iScrap App to search for scrap yards and auto wreckers in your area that can help you pick-up your scrap metal and scrap car.