How Scrap Metals Are Processed – [INFOGRAPHIC]

Wondering where scrap metals go after they are recycled? Ever think about how much scrap metal is actually processed annually in the United States? The iScrap App Team with the help from ISRI has some facts and figures to share with you about how scrap metals are processed. Scrap metal is one of the largest exports in the United States and some recyclers may not know the impact they can have on the industry.

Scrap Metal Exporting Facts To Keep In Mind:

Below is the volume of scrap metals (metric tons) processed annually in the US.

  • Iron & Steel – 73,000,000
  • Aluminum – 5,340,000
  • Copper – 1,870,000
  • Lead – 1,190,000
  • Zinc – 250,000
  • Electronics – 4,400,000

You can see that is a lot of scrap metal being recycled every year. As people continue to learn how to recycle their scrap metal the right way, the iScrap App has paired up with ISRI to bring you information on how scrap metals are processed in the United States for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

How Scrap Metal Is Processed in the US

Sources: ISRI, Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc.

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