How Do You Check Scrap Metal Prices?

New iScrap App Reported Price Feature

One of the biggest things that we have talked to scrappers about over the last few years has been scrap metal prices. With the latest upgrade to the iScrap App, the Price Reporting Option, we are interested to see how often that they check in with their scrap yards on pricing. A lot of people might not be scrapping everyday, but still might want to know what is going on with the scrap metal market and know where it may be going, either up, down, or sideways.

How to check scrap pricesA lot of scrappers have been frustrated because when they try to find out what is going on with the scrap metal prices they are unable to really find a good resource to check the prices with…until now. With the iScrap App’s New Reported Pricing feature, we have been able to open up a dialogue with thousands of scrappers to let each other know what the scrap metal prices are and how they will be able to check them.

Not only can you use the iScrap App to check the prices around you, but you can also use it to post scrap metal prices that you have received at your scrap yard recently. By posting the scrap metal prices online you will be able to really learn what is going on with the market and even see if there are new and better scrap yards in your area to try selling your scrap metal to.

Check Copper Prices Online

With the copper prices being the most asked about price change, it is interesting to see how much and often that people are posting the copper prices through the iScrap App and it makes it so more scrappers can learn about market pricing.

Scrap Prices Are Constantly Changing

The scrap market is constantly changing and sometimes scrap yards do not want to post their prices online or tell you them over the phone. That is largely because they don’t want their competitors to know how much money that they are paying….but also because prices change so often they don’t want to lose track of updating and sharing the prices when they need to change them.

Scrap metal price reporting is something that was always requested…but since its release through the iScrap App, has become of the best tools that a scrapper can have. By viewing others prices as well as posting prices on your own you will only help the transparency of the scrap metal prices, but you will be able to MAKE MORE MONEY!!!!

Any other ideas on getting better scrap metal prices from your local area just let us know!

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