Helping The Environment While Recycling Metal

Scrap metal recycling has become a part-time job for unemployed workers and an additional income stream for many individuals and businesses over the past few years. Not only does scrap metal recycling add green to your pocket, but it also helps to keep our environment clean and free from pollution. It keeps the “Green” Movement going.

By Scrapping Your Are Directly Affecting The Environment

You know the saying, “one person’s trash is another person’s treasure?”  Scrap yards are the key component in turning junk into reusable products from recyclable aluminum, steel, copper, and Brass.  You name something that has a metal in it, and a scrap yard owner will be able to tell you how to scrap it!

Make Money While Recycling!

Next time you think of throwing out your old AC unit, electronics, or appliances, consider contacting a scrap yard in your area to see if they buy those materials.  If you’re not sure where the local scrap yard is, then pull out your iPhone or Droid, and download the iScrap App to locate the one closest to you.

If you have a large amount of scrap metals, some recycling centers will deliver containers to your site which you can set up on the iScrap App with our “Request a Container” feature.
It’s a good idea to know what scrap metals are recyclable and which are not, so you don’t sound like a total newbie when you get to the yard. You can go through the “Metals List” inside of the iScrap App to find out which materials are recyclable and what name they go by at your local scrap yard.
Some of the many items you can take in for recycling include:
If you’re bringing in a large quantity of items for scrap metal recycling, remember that the less work the scrap yard has to do to prepare the materials, the more money they’ll be willing to pay you.
For example, if you sort your items into groups, it will take them less time to determine how much they’re paying for the scrap metal recycling which means more money in your pocket!
If you’re tempted to just dump your laptop in the trash next time it crashes or toss your ac unit out your window when it stops pumping cold air, consider what recycling your scrap materials will do for your environment.  Join millions that are choosing to go green and save the earth by recycling their scrap metals with a little help from the iScrap App.

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