Guide To Selling Carbide Scrap

If you are a full-time scrapper or a contractor, you have most likely come across carbide scrap at some point in your career. Carbide is a unique scrap metal that is used in very specific industries and equipment. Commonly found in machine shops and drill bits, carbide scrap is a valuable commodity due to the higher-than-average price per pound.

Where Can I Find Carbide Scrap?

Due to the higher price on average for scrap Carbide, oftentimes people wonder where they can collect some for recycling and make some extra money. Below are the common places to look for scrap carbide.

  • Your Workbench – Whether you are a contractor or have extra tools lying around your house, check out the drill bits and tips from your tools. Due to its hardness and durability, carbide is an excellent metal for drills.
  • Machine Shops – If you work in a machine shop or have one nearby, it may be a good idea to ask the manager if they have any scrap carbide you can buy. We say buy and not just ask for it because they generally know it’s worth money. But if you can haul it from them and save them a trip, you can make some extra bucks.
  • Aircraft Equipment – This will not be a standard way to get carbide, but aircraft equipment usually has carbide pieces used to withstand extreme temperatures. If you have a local airport, perhaps you can contact their mechanic and ask about working together.
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Types of Carbide Scrap

Due to the different ways that carbide is used, there are several forms and shapes that it can have when you are scrapping it. If you have significant amounts of these materials, contact a scrap yard to sell them.

  • Carbide Dust
  • Carbide Sludge
  • Carbide Bits
  • Carbide Tips
  • Carbide Road Tools
  • Carbide Solids
  • Carbide Stampings
  • Carbide Gradings

How Much Is Scrap Carbide Worth?

When you’re reading this, carbide can differ slightly depending on market conditions. Still, generally, according to the average market prices over the last few years, carbide scrap is worth anywhere from $3.25 to $9.50 per pound (2010-2017 used as a reference point).

Why Such A Big Range In Price?

The large price range is due to the percentages of the carbide. Carbide scrap contains Tungsten, an element on the periodic table (Symbol W). When scrap yards buy scrap carbide, they often use an analyzer to detect the percentage of Tungsten inside. Sometimes, the range can be anywhere from 10-100%. So because of that large range of tungsten inside, the prices will vary. With large ranges and multiple metals that could be combined, we must be aware of what is out there while scraping. Not all carbide was made alike.

Where Can I Sell Carbide Scrap Near Me?

Finally, you have collected some carbide scrap and are ready to sell it. Where can you take it? There are many options for carbide scrap recycling, but one of the easiest is to check if there are any scrap yards in the area that purchase it. You can use the iScrap App to search for local yards and call them to see if they can buy it. When asking for prices, it’s a good idea to ask if they use an analyzer to test the material for the percentage of Tungsten.

If your local scrap yards don’t buy scrap carbide or you don’t feel confident selling it there, you can also check if there are any national scrap carbide buyers, like Rockaway Recycling. You can contact those scrap yards for further information about shipping procedures and payment options. Like any other type of scrap you may be selling, finding the best prices isn’t always the answer. Finding a reputable scrap yard to deal with is essential, too.