Getting Your Wire Ready for the Scrap Yard

scrap metal wire

Copper wire and other scrap wire is sometimes the most valuable material you could bring to the scrap yard. That’s why you need to make sure you know what you are dealing with and how to prepare it before putting it on the scale.

Get wired up and start separating, correctly!

Stripping your copper and other wire may be a frustrating task but if you want to make the money it has to be done. While stripping your wire and cable you may come across different colored material.

Getting to know what kind of wires you may be able to scrap can help you make more money at the scrap yard by separating the different materials properly.

Also, you can always ask your scrap yard for more information about the material you have. If they are listed on the iScrap App you can also send them a picture directly through the app asking what material you have and get a quote before taking it in.

Now that you separated, make sure to strip, the wire of course!

A recent tip for stripping wire came into the iScrap team from one of our fans. He said to use an old pizza pan and place your stubborn wire on it.
copper scrap cable
Set the oven to a low temperature setting and place the pan and wire in for about 20 minutes. Afterwards, using your safety gear, gloves and eye wear, take the wire and skin the jacket off of the wire.

You can also use StripTec or TNT Tooling tools to get the wire stripping job done. Mention you are an iScrap App user and you will get a special price.

Now that you have a simple and easy way to strip your wire, pack it all up and drive down to your local scrap yard for some cash. Happy Scrapping!

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