“Free Scrap Metal” – Finding Scrap Metal

While in a perfect world, we would love to be able to offer you free scrap metal. It’s hard to ship, but the iScrap App Team has tips to help you locate free scrap in your area using several different resources.

As you may know, scrap metal isn’t just found on job sites like construction, demolition, or tear-downs. Many people have scrap metal, old air conditioners, and old appliances in their homes that are just collecting dust because they don’t know what to do with them. There are several places and ways you can reach out to the right resources to pick up scrap metal in your area. Below are some places you can search for “free scrap metal.”

Homeowners & Residents

Many people in your area probably don’t realize how much scrap metal can add up to if you have enough or if they don’t have enough to save for themselves. Look around your neighborhood for scrap items like air conditioners, appliances, bed frames, and lawn furniture. It can be a good idea to check with your neighbors and friends in the area and market your scrap pick-up services.

Craigslist & Other Online Websites

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Craigslist is an excellent resource for many things like buying new items, finding jobs, and viewing new homes available for rent. However, your region has great potential for finding free scrap metal items. Because Craigslist works best with regional pages, you can easily find local giveaways that you can cash in on. In 3 minutes, we were able to locate the “free” section and find a few posts that could be of interest to any scrappers in the area. Some of the easiest things we could find were TVs, lamps, and workout equipment. These have a good amount of copper scrap that you can pull out.

Look In Your House

Maybe you could use a quick garage clean-up or have things in your basement that can be scrapped. It could be a good idea to go through some things you may not use anymore that you can make extra cash on when you bring them to the scrap yard.
Regularly checking these different sources for scrap metal could be a good idea. If you are looking to pick-up scrap in your local area, be sure to have some business cards or flyers you can share with those you contact. They may know someone else who can use a scrap pick-up.

Also, remember you can use the iScrap App to locate the closest scrap yard and report your prices. This can help you determine where to make the most money on your scrap metal haul.