Finding The Best Scrap Yard – Know Where To Go

Several factors can play into choosing the best scrap or salvage yard to bring your scrap metal. While some are more important than others, there are different things to consider when finding a scrap yard in your area and traveling there to sell your scrap. Obviously, we all want the best prices for our scrap, but several other factors can help you get the best experience at a scrap yard. The best part is that the iScrap App can help you with nearly all of them!

Find The Best Scrap Yard With These Features:

Who Has The Best Prices?

As we mentioned before, scrap metal prices at your local yard will usually be the largest deciding factor when you want to sell your materials. At the end of a long scrapping day, the best deal is the one that makes you the most money for your work. Use the iScrap App to search for your local scrap prices or view the national price averages to compare your prices. Once you find the yard with the prices you are looking for, we encourage calling your yard before heading in so you can check on the latest price changes. See an example of us looking up a yard and seeing their prices below.

Location, Location, Location!

One of the other important factors when choosing the best scrap yard is where it is located. Finding a closer scrap yard means less driving time and saving money on fuel. The same goes if you are on a job away from your local scrap yard. You may want to search for the closest scrap yard to your job, especially if you are hauling a few loads of materials back and forth. Finding the best location when coming home from work or running regular errands can all be better for you. When using the iScrap App, you can look up yards in whatever area you will be in and map out the route or location that works best for you!

Hours of Operation

Are you looking to scrap your materials on a Sunday? How about first thing on a Monday morning? Or maybe during your lunch hour on Thursday? If you know your local scrap yard’s hours, you can determine whether you can bring your scrap metal there during those times. Many yards share their hours of operation with iScrap and are made publically available directly through the iScrap App.


Choosing the best scrap yard to sell your materials to can also be decided based on the specials they may be running and the materials you have to sell. Often, scrap yards have weekly or monthly specials for materials like Aluminum Cans, Copper Wire, Light Iron, Stainless Steel, and more. Checking with your local yard for any coupons or events they are hosting can make or break your next trip to their location. Who knows, maybe they’re even giving out t-shirts!


This is an important factor for many scrappers who have had a relationship with their scrap yard for a significant amount of time. Maybe your dad taught you to scrap and started bringing you to your scrap yard, creating a great relationship with the staff and owner there. Loyalty to a scrap yard can have its benefits with tier pricing and specials. So be sure if you have a good scrap yard, stick with it. Your loyalty may pay off after some time.


Some scrap yards are sophisticated with technology or a fancy truck scale. Some other yards may have dirt lots or use hand-written receipts. Whatever you prefer should also be your choice when scrapping. Some people like to go to a scrap yard and have that old-school feel to it. In contrast, others like to go in and get in and out of the yard with an efficient process. You may also have a better experience when going to one scrap yard over another, and that’s okay, too.

Your Scrap Metal, Your Choice

No matter which way you choose the best scrap yard to go to, it is your choice. It is completely up to you whether you like higher prices even if it is further away or you like to go to a dirt lot yard with awesome weekly specials. No matter what you choose, choose wisely that loyalty may come back to help or hurt you in the end. Be sure to download the iScrap App to help you choose the best scrap yard based on prices, location, hours, and more.