Finding The Best Scrap Metal Tips

Best Place To Find Scrap Tips

Tips on Scrapping?!?! Finding tips on scrapping online has become very easy, but finding GOOD and worthwhile tips is not as easy. Many people have asked us what makes us qualified to give so many tips, which is a great question to go over.

Where To Find The Best Scrap Metal Tips

The iScrap App was born from a scrap yard owner’s desire to help customers grow their scrap piles and ensure they were cashing in as much as possible. Wanting to help customers sort and separate their scrap became a very important way to establish a stronger relationship and to help gain customers’ trust…and thus, the iScrap App was born.

From there, showing scrappers tips on making more money and learning what to separate and sort is not always the easiest part because not all scrap yards will want to show you…but learning from experienced people in the scrap yard world will only help you in the long term.

Got Questions? Ask Us!

Any questions that you have come up with…whether your fellow scrappers or a member of the iScrap App can help you figure it out that means that you will be learning and making more money because other people have been experienced in it.

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