Finding Scrap Metal Online

finding scrap metal online

We want to share some ways you can use your online resources to help find more scrap metal and leads for pick-ups in your area. As a scrapper, trying to drive around looking for pick-ups and handing out cards can be frustrating. Below are some simple ways to spend less than an hour a day looking for scrap online in your immediate area.

Where You Can Find Scrap Metal Online

You May Need To Buy Scrap Metal Online

We have said it plenty of times before. Still, we want to remind you that daily postings in your direct area on Craiglist or other online marketplaces can significantly increase the amount of scrap you haul into the yard weekly. Remember, the posts online are constantly being updated, taken down, and added, so be sure to check often. It is a good idea to check first thing during the week and perhaps a few other times. If you are looking for a lot, check a few times daily. Some people often sell these materials for far below market or scrap value. If you find something like this, it could be worth it to fork over a few bucks to pick it up!

Your Friends & Family

Use your friends, family, and maybe even some strangers you meet through social media to advertise your business. If you know someone in the area you will be working in coming up, shoot them a message asking if they have any junk or scrap they are looking to get rid of. You can use your existing connections to look at and advertise your services through those outlets.

finding scrap online

Have You Checked The Classified Ads?

Do people still use newspapers? Using the classified sections within your local newspapers or even searching online for companies looking for a clean-out service, junk removal, or the like…you can capitalize on this opening by offering your scrap services

Using the different sources and outlets online to search for scrapping options will be accessible once you figure out the best places to get in touch with. You can also use these new outlets to meet more clients who will give you cards and information so that they can spread the word about your helpful services to their friends and family.

If you are ever in a newer area and unsure where to find a scrap yard, use the iScrap App while on the go.