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Reported PricesBack in 2015, the iScrap App Team answered calls of scrappers to report your scrap prices online. For years scrappers across the US and Canada have always requested one thing…daily updated scrap metal prices. While the team at the iScrap App has been able to give scrappers an idea of the price ranges, it was always tough to know what each yard was paying. With this feature, it allows users to report and post their current scrap prices across the country for the latest information.

Report Your Prices Easily

With the feature to report the prices, it gives scrappers a better idea of what is going on with the market. Many scrap yards don’t list their prices through websites or share the information online. With the feature of reporting prices on the iScrap App, users can see updated information for metals and what yards in their area are paying.>

One of the Best Scrap Metal Tools

Only released in early May 2015, the report your price tool should quickly become one of the top tools (other than magnets!) that will be used in the scrap metal world. Scrappers have always tried to learn more about materials, prices, and how the market works with scrap prices, and now they will have a much more educated guess.

Eliminate Calling & Save Time

After the report your price feature really kicks in, the scrappers will be able to eliminate many calls for prices and they will be able to view the iScrap App as a tool for learning so many different scrap prices and learn about scrap metal in general. The team at the iScrap App is working very hard to learn about the different areas of the country where it is difficult to find scrap metal prices and really to help inject those areas with more pricing options from scrappers.

Answering The Cry Of Scrappers

One of the hardest things to do is to find information about scrap metal prices, and with that in mind that is why the “Report Your Price”, feature came about. We wanted to be able to get the information out to scrappers across the US And Canada to be able to really help them to enhance their knowledge about scrap prices and also about where the market is headed. The prices of scrap metal were always “secretive” in the industry, and we wanted to allow scrappers to report prices for more transparency.

This new tool will help to change how scrapping is done and how scrap yards transparency will change for years to come. Happy scrapping!

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