Easiest Ways to Make More Money on Scrap Metal

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Sometimes while scrapping we can get carried away with the large objects and materials. Here is a refresher course on some small things you can do to make more money while scrapping. These smaller tips and objects can bring you in some good money when recycling scrap metal with your local scrap yard. Below we have a few tips and ways to make more money on scrap metal when you are preparing your material. There are several small steps that you can add to your daily scrapping routine that can pay off every trip to the yard.

Tips & Ways To Make More Money On Scrap Metal

scrap steel magnetSeparate Your Metals

We have said it over and over, but it’s important to remember to separate your scrap metals to the best of your abilities based on the types and materials. Be sure to know the difference between ferrous and non-ferrous metals so that you will be able to separate the types of metals correctly. Also when you have higher priced items like copper, wire, brass, or aluminum, it’s important to separate them as well so you can make the most on them.

Cut The Wires & Cords

While you are scrapping, you will often come across electronics, AC Units, electric motors, computers and other items that have electric cords. By simply cutting these off the items you can add them to your copper wire pile. (Disconnect from power source before cutting). These smaller wires may only be a pound or two each, but if you are cutting a few a week, at the end of the month that can really add up to some good weight and a nice box of insulated wire.

Be Mindful Of Steel & Your Magnet

While scrapping, be sure to always have a magnet on hand so you can check different pieces (if magnet sticks it’s steel). Make sure to unscrew, hammer or cut off pieces of steel that make be on some items and place them aside from your other materials. Steel is a lower priced commodity, so if you don’t plan on collecting hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds per month it may not be worth collecting strictly steel materials. It’s important to maximize your time for the best materials when scrapping.

*Friendly Reminder: Help fight the bad outlook on the scrap metal industry, by not stealing. NEVER take items that you don’t have permission to take.*

E-Scrap, Green Boards Are Better

While scrapping e-waste or electronic waste, you will come across Motherboards from computers. Believe it or not, there are different qualities of boards. The green motherboards should be kept separate from any other colored ones. Although resale on some computer parts might be more profitable at times. Be sure to check with your scrap yard to see if they make the separation of circuit boards specific to colors. If not you may want to search for another scrap yard. You can learn why here:

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