Earth911 Features the iScrap App as Green App

5 Green Apps That Make You Money: If your budget could use some extra wiggle room, why not use those green habits to fatten your wallet as well as lighten your footprint? From cashing in on recyclables to renting out your parking space, check out these five green apps that make you money.

Scrap metal recycling isnt quite as straightforward as tossing a plastic bottle in the blue bin, but the potential payoff is far greater if you know what youre doing. Even if youre not a seasoned scrapping pro, iScrap App will help you cash in on your unwanted metal while keeping it out of landfills at the same time.

Available for all Apple and Android devices, the free app helps users get current scrap metal prices and track down local scrap yards, auto wreckers and metal recyclers while on-the-go. You can even identify mysterious metals by taking a photo and sending it to a local scrapper with only a few clicks.

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