Don’t Overlook These Scrap Items Anymore: Unveiling Hidden Treasures for Scrappers

Have you ever wondered about the untapped potential lying in plain sight, often overlooked and dismissed? If you’re a seasoned scrapper or just starting to dabble in the world of scrapping, there might be items you’ve been neglecting that could turn out to be lucrative treasures. We were inspired by our friends in the Scrap Metal subReddit and decided we’d explore the question, “What’s something you used to pass right up that you always make sure to scrap now?” from the perspective of scrappers who have learned to recognize the value in items that were once disregarded.

Should You Scrap Coax?

While “coax” or CATV wire isn’t something we recommend scrapping, there is a hidden gem you can typically find with this type of wire. When separating commercial and residential TV equipment, watch for the coax plugs, ends, and splitters. The ends often contain small amounts of precious metals like brass and gold. Typically, in modest quantities, these metals can accumulate into a profitable sum when you gather a substantial amount.

Can I Scrap Old Appliances?

Older and larger appliances can be cumbersome, and scrappers may have bypassed them due to the effort involved in transporting and dismantling these items. However, they are too good to pass up with a large amount of aluminum sheet, copper wire, and assorted metals inside one of these units. As long as you have a vehicle that can handle the size of the appliance, a hand truck (or a good friend) is all you need to profit off of one of these units!

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03/14/2024 03:01 am GMT

Scrapping Old Car Parts

Scrappers might initially shy away from old car parts due to their size or the belief that all the different contaminants cause most parts not to be worth the effort. However, older car parts, particularly those made of aluminum or contain copper wiring, can be a goldmine for scrappers. We already know how valuable catalytic converters are. Still, less obvious items like old radiators, starters, and alternators are great to pull apart if you plan on scrapping an old car.

Finding Old Seasonal Yard Equipment

Think Old lawnmowers, gardening tools, and outdoor furniture. This scrap is often overlooked due to its size and the perception that these items are mainly composed of non-metal materials. While that is somewhat true, most outdoor equipment items contain aluminum, steel, and sometimes copper. Lawnmower engines often house aluminum components, making them valuable for scrappers. Scrappers can efficiently separate and collect the scrap metal inside by disassembling these items.

When considering what we consider “junk” while looking for scrap, we should re-evaluate what types of scrap could contribute to your profits and the sustainability of the scrap metal industry as a whole!