Do You Have Light Iron or Sheet Iron?


Greetings iScrappers!

With all of the metal prices jumping around, we want to talk about one that is harder to peg down than most: Light Iron. There are multiple names for Light Iron, sheet metal, and sheet iron, just to name a few. Light iron refers to most steel items brought in by scrappers, such as washers, dryers, and most other items in your home.

Light Iron can often be confused if you do not classify it correctly. Sometimes, people will call it unprepared steel, but it is always important to know what it is called to get the right classification when picking the material up and selling it.

Light iron will be allowed to have some plastics attached, but try to clean it the best that you can so you cannot have deductions on price or weight at the yard when you sell.

Until next week….scrap ya later!!!!!