Different Types of Scrap Steel


Scrap steel can come in all different forms, types, grades, and more. Steel is one of the general terms when we refer to ferrous metals.

Some breakdowns of steel include:

Different parts of the country have different terms for the same metals. On the East Coast, a common term is Light Iron when referring to items like ovens or household appliances. While in the South, many people refer to those same items as Sheet Iron.

It is important to ask your scrap yard how they classify certain materials and how they pay for them. Some items, like brake Rotors, have a much higher value if you can save them and sell them separately. Other items like microwaves or old steel tables can be grouped together.

Learning is one of the most important tools you can have in the scrap world. We hope that blogs like this as well as other videos will help you learn what to do and not to do.

Until next week…scrap ya later!