Different Types of Scrap Lead

Lead - scrap metal prices

One of the most extraordinary metals that we see is Lead. Even though it is an ugly color…it is never an ugly weight. Lead is one of the densest metals out there and can be found in all applications.

Cars, trucks, and motorcycles all have lead batteries inside of them because they hold an excellent charge of currents. Still, we never suggest taking the lead out because it is generally surrounded by acid, which is bad for the environment and potentially dangerous!

Lead Wheel Weights are used to help balance the tires on your cars, but they almost always have a steel clip attached to them, and you need to watch out for those.

Lead was once upon a time used to line showers and bathtubs, so occasionally, you might find heavy sheets of lead underneath those while doing a demo on a house.

Be sure to check with your local yard if they accept scrap lead at their facility. Some yards do not accept it because they do not receive enough of it to buy. Remember, they are a business, so if there isn’t a demand for a scrap yard to accept lead, then it isn’t worth it to them to collect it over a more extended period of time. Use the iScrap App to locate and search for yards that accept scrap leads in your area.

Let us know where else you find leads, and help share the knowledge!

Scrap ya next week!


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