Different Types of Scrap Lead Batteries

Lead Batteries

A big question that we get is about the different types of lead batteries and how they are priced and paid for over the scale. Lead batteries are generally always going to be in the same price range except when you have larger lead batteries like forklift batteries. These batteries with steel cases will always be paid less because of the steel attached to them.

Other types of lead batteries that you will be able to sell include car batteries, marine batteries, truck batteries, backup batteries, and motorcycle batteries.

With many new hybrid cars and other vehicles, you must look out for Lithium Ion batteries to sell them correctly to your scrap yard. The way to tell Lead batteries will be by the symbol “Pb” stamped on the label attached to the battery. The batteries must have that label on them so you can tell before installing…or, in your case, scrapping them.

Batteries are great items; we always recommend getting paid per pound instead of per piece so you can get the exact amount you are owed and not a rounded number.