Death Of An American Mall & The Bigger Picture

scrap metal demolitionA recent article from CNNMoney, is about the destruction of a mall, which for scrap metal purposes is beneficial…but it shows the changing culture in America. Once one of the most popular malls in the country, the internet has taken over and this is one of the reasons that more malls like this one in Cleveland will come down in the coming years. This shift in focus from in person goods and information in personal to online, is also relatable for the scrap industry.

How It Affects Scrap Metal

Scrap metal tips are hard to find and the internet and the iScrap App have made finding tips much easier, but the internet will also be something that will stop a lot of scrap from happening in the future. What do we mean? Well, if more and more people are turning to the internet to online shop, to “meet” people that want to talk about similar subjects or topics, that means that more and more people are going to be staying away from malls, stadiums, and other large establishments.

While this may seem small, what is going to happen worldwide when more and more people want to stay inside the comfort of their own homes instead of venturing out into the world to see things? Less buildings and new projects will be started and a lot of the scrap that used to be remade into building products will become more obsolete and drive the prices down. With scrap prices tied to developing economies, having less malls for instance will result in less metal needed for larger consumer projects and will affect how the scrap metal world prices and buys/sells metals.

Seeing The Bigger Picture

technologyIt’s funny that in a simple article about a mall getting dismantled and tore down some people may only look at the scrap that is getting ripped out of it and start salivating for it…but in reality the big picture shows that more and more companies will be out of retail spaces and it is just a small picture into the changing scrap metal culture.

With all aspects of life changing, malls and other stores are just part of the picture for things that will be eliminated and changed. Technology is becoming smarter and smarter…lighter and lighter, and because of that you will see more and more things become lighter (less scrap metal), smaller (less scrap metal), and more made of plastic like in technology (less scrap metal).

So while this article talks about a mall being destroyed and the scrap being pulled out, it really enters a new idea about how the future in the scrap world might be. Things change and sometimes looking beyond what you see at face value is important to know what is going to happen long term.

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