Day in the Life of a Scrap Yard Owner

day in the life of a scrap yard ownerWhats A Typical Day in the Life of a Scrap Yard Owner?

A typical day in the life of a scrap yard owner is a tough one to predict…with so many things going on all around it is tough to guess how and what is going to happen next. The scrap yard is a place that deals with all types of businesses from liquidation service companies to demo contractors, as well as everyday people just cleaning out their yards.

When coming to work each morning you really have no idea what could come through the door, what customers could call with, or what type of problems that you may have. Many people think that running a business is not all that hard…until you start doing it. A typical day in the life of a scrap yard owner can range from checking metal prices on the metal markets, scheduling trucks, checking material, doing safety talks, and then some.

The biggest thing that is our priority (as should be at all scrap yards) is to be safe. From hard hats to safety glasses and gloves, having the correct equipment will show you what to do and what not to do on a day to day basis and will only have a positive effect on everyone around you that you are working with. Making sure that the team of workers is safe, the equipment is properly checked, and that our team knows what to do in emergency situations is always stressed.

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One of the biggest questions that people have for scrap yard owners is about pricing. With so much volatility in the market it is tough for people to really guess when scrap prices are going to go up and down…like it once was years ago. Years ago there were a lot of patterns depending on how the weather was, what time of the year it was, and so on. With the metal prices becoming more like another stock traded on Wall Street, it is tough for scrap yard owners to predict where the prices would be. Think about it, if the scrap yard owners knew that the prices were going to up or down in a drastic way they would be able to have a leg up and predict the future…and that is not how it works.

Scrap yards find it really hard to predict where the metals are going to go, whether up or down and it is a game that everyone has to play…and many times you get burned by guessing or “betting” what the metal prices are going to do next.

Hope this helps give a little more of an insight as to how a scrap yard runs…and things that people think and react.

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