Dale Earnhardt Recalls First Ticket & Dad’s Reaction

When driving fast runs in your family blood-line it can be ironic to recall your first speeding ticket and how your champion driving Dad reacts to it. That is just what Dale Jr. did when he was recently chatting with NBC Sports Network about the first time he was pulled over for speeding and how his father reacted to it.

Mentioning that he never had his own “fast car” until he won a Corvette in 1998 from a race, he was usually driving in pickup trucks in his youth. Not the fastest cars, but when provoked those Earnhardts will find a way to start cruising. Dale Jr. explained how he and his father got into an argument when he was at the family farm.

Speeding out of the farm and heading home he passed a state trooper on the other side of the road and saw brake lights in his rearview mirror. He knew immediately to spare the trouble and pulled himself over to wait for the trooper to catch up to him. Once he was being issued his ticket his father drove by him and parked a mile up the road at a local gas station.

Dale Jr. pulled into the Gas Station to face his father. After his father asked him if he had received a ticket and he confirmed that he had, he said “Looks like you need to get a job”. So Dale Jr. then drove up the road to a closer gas station to his house and applied for a job. He pumped gas for the next several months to pay off his ticket.

Just goes to show you that even NASCAR drivers can have their own flaws and work hard to correct their mistakes. This is a good point to keep in mind the next time you’re driving around for scrap metal jobs. If you have too much loaded in your truck or you are driving recklessly, think twice before you put yourself into an even deeper hole. See original story on NASCAR’s website.

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