Coolest Scrap Metal Finds

We have talked to thousands of scrappers about prices on metals, how to sort and separate metals, and how they can really maximize their time to be able to make more money. But today we want to talk about the cool things that YOU have found in scrap.

Cool Scrap Metal Finds

We have talked to people and heard stories about:

  • Cars– Many people have found old (maybe even newer) cars that others wanted to get rid of and they were able to buy for scrap value. Some of these cars may have something wrong with it and just needs to be cleaned out. We heard one story of a man in Connecticut that bought a Porsche from someone who said that the engine seized up…turns out that the wrong oil was put in and the car didn’t run correctly. With a clean out of the engine the lucky new owner was able to have the car up and running and made a lot of money (if they sold it) on the deal.
  • Antiques– From cash registers to old plates and bowls, antiques are only antiques if you know what you are looking for. Some people know the right markings, numbers, style, or other types of marks that you need to know so that you make the right choice and either resell or scrap.
  • Tools– Many people threw out tools that may be VERY useful for yourself or for others that cannot or do not want to buy new tools. Many people think that the old tools work better, last longer, and they are more comfortable with them. That’s a great selling point for whether or not you want to hold or scrap some tools that you come across.
  • Coins– From normal change to antique change, you never know what you could find. We have heard of many people who have found old coins and been able to resell them for the silver value, or even for the collectible value. One scrapper told us about a vending machine that he went to scrap and found over $100 in change inside….NOW THAT’S A FIND!

These are just some of the ideas that you can have while scrapping. There are so many stories that circulate all over the place it is tough for us to gather them all….so share with us some stories of your own. Email us at [email protected] so we can post your stories and let us know if you have stories of others that you may want to have them share.

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