Cool, Sometimes Weird Scrapping Items

GARBAGE: Some people see it as trash, scrappers see it as CA$H! Some items that scrappers see come through the yards are out of the ordinary and fun. Some things

What kind of cool or weird items have you seen go through the yards by you?

Here are some of the cool items we were able to get pictures of.

Excuse me you have to pay for your late fees!
WWII Bomb: Don’t scrap too much, you’ll explode.
Need to scrub some pans. We have a Brillo pad for that.
Who needs a truck? Go green and bring your items to the scrap yard on your bike.
Have any scrap fires lately? Extinguish them!
After a long day of scrapping, wash your dirty clothes!

Got some pictures of cool scrap items of your own? Post them on our Facebook or Twitter!

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