Cool Scrap Hangouts

There are always some great places that come up in scrapping adventures. We wanted to share some of the cool places that have been shared with us through the last few months. Check out some of the other really cool scrap treasures that have been found over the year with these scrap pictures. Some of these below items would be worth a pretty penny at a scrap yard, but they are some cool places to hang out instead and keep for some piece and quiet or partying.

This airplane house in Mississippi is being worked on to be a working house. After long hours of getting this ready we may just want to scrap it.
This cool wall at an iScrap Preferred Yard shows off all of the various license plates that have been collected throughout the years. Some things are too cool to scrap and need to be used for decoration instead.
Not an actual trailer park, but a theater set, this complex “trailer mansion” is pretty cool. We can  only hope that the insides are as creative as the outside.
This make-shift trailer found at a scrap yard was the body cut off from a van. It does the job and brings the scrap where it needs to go!
At the end of a long day, all scrappers deserve to take a dip in our hot tub. Thanks for checking out our scrapping hangouts! Don’t forget to find the nearest scrap metal hangout near you with the iScrap App!

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