Most Common Scrap Metals

unnamed (1) copy 2Let’s Go Over the Most Common Scrap Metals.

The most common scrap metals that we have found are: aluminum, brass, steel, and copper. We can call those common scrap metals the “core four.” Scrap metals are easy to sort if you just start off by learning the most common scrap metals and where you can find them.

Starting with steel…

  1. The easiest to really figure out, steel is easily distinguishable because it will stick to a magnet. (On a sidenote, make sure you ALWAYS have a magnet with you.). Steel is one of the heavier items, but also one of the cheaper ones. Steel and iron are nice products to scrap because often you will be able to find it in many places. From washing machines to old coat hangers,  steel is all over the place and will be a great item to scrap.
  2. The second of the most common scrap metals to find is aluminum, and you can find aluminum in many forms and grades. From window frames to the hoods on old cars, by using the magnet and see that it doesn’t stick you will be able to learn about aluminum and where to find it. Aluminum can look like steel many times but it will never stick to a magnet.
  3. 2-1-Copper-TubingCopper is another common scrap metal that you will run into while on the road picking up items. From old cooking pans, old plumbing pipes, and even the windings from inside of electric motors, copper is all over the place. Another common form to find copper in will be old extension cords, computer cables, and other power cords. These will be some of the higher yielding metals to cash in due to copper being higher priced then many of the other scrap metals that you will find on the road. Don’t forget that copper will not stick to a magnet, so if you found something that looks like copper but sticks to a magnet…you did not hit a jackpot today.
  4. Last but not least for the most common scrap metals is brass. Brass is composed of copper and zinc, and is a great metal to see in plumbing, decorative ornaments, and even certain electrical uses. Brass will not stick to a magnet and will often look green when left outside for a long time. Plumbing brass will also have a chrome or Nickel finish on it very often as well.

We hope that these “core four,” most common scrap metals will help you learn a little more about scrap and what to look for.



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