Common Plumbing Scrap Metal Finds

Peddlers aren’t the only ones cashing in on scrap metal. At the Rockaway Recycling yard, trade-specific workers are frequently cashing in on excess material from everyday jobs and projects they work on. Plumbers, in particular, make a pretty good side hustle from scrap material.

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Plumber’s Common Scrap Metals


As someone who may frequently be visiting the scrap yard, you should be able to work out, or at least ask, for better pricing. Especially with these common metals typically seen within the plumbing profession:

If you’re in the profession, you probably already know about the value of the excess metal. Maybe you’re a plumber, and you didn’t know the value; well, know you should! And for all those not in the field, it’s never too late to attend trade school and reap the side benefits of this career 😉


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