Common Equipment At Scrap Yards

Scrapping is a labor-intensive job. When you begin to take apart your scrap metal and different materials at your shop or house, you know how many different tools are needed to get the job done. Even the simple task of taking apart a computer tower can take a few different tools. The same goes for scrap yards, just elevated. Scrap yards are required to have a much bigger variety of tools and equipment on site to get the job done. With the wider variety and higher quantity of scrap coming in, there is common equipment at scrap yards across the globe.

Common Equipment at Scrap Yards

  • Standard Toolbox – Just like you, scrap yards need different handheld tools to get things apart. A good example is when they get sample materials in and they have take them apart to see what the recovery rate is.
  • Sawzall – A must have scrappers looking to clean aluminum and copper for more money, it is also a very valuable tool for scrap yards. When scrap yards have radiators coming in bulk, if they want to make some more money, just like you, they reach for their sawzall to clean up dirty rads.
  • Wire Stripper – Coming in all sizes and varieties, these machines are important for the every day scrapper and smaller to medium size scrap yards. Unless scrap yards have a grinder for wires, many of them will have a processing area in their yard for wire stripping. Usually using an electric one, the stripper at a scrap yard should be capable for a wide variety of wire and cable sizes.
  • Fork truck – Many scrap yards will have a few of these driving around picking up pallets of materials, moving boxes, and containers. These are a must for all scrap yards of any size. They are especially good for scrap yards that use dumping hoppers for moving materials from customers to balers or containers.
  • Balers – Seen at scrap yards, these are the convenient machine that load the materials and packaged them to be shipped. Many different types of balers include standing balers, front loading balers, and automatic balers. The convenience of them are that a wide variety of materials can be baled, including wire, aluminum, computer boards, and more.
  • Material Handlers – The large machines that can be found in the back of larger scrap yards come with a variety of attachments to move and sort materials. Magnets are used to pick up ferrous materials from piles and move it to the appropriate pile. Shears are used to slice through larger structures like steel to make them a size suitable for processing.
  • Roll Off Trucks & Trailers – Many scrap yards, large and small have the ability to move material with their roll-off containers or trailers. Often used at job sites to be filled with metals, they can  be picked up and are mobile to move the materials quickly and efficiently.


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