Collecting Scrap Metal From Hoarders


Hoarding can be a bit messy but could also be a scrapper’s paradise. Many scrappers head out on the road to find the latest load waiting on the curbside. Sometimes you may never have to leave the comfort of your own home to find some scrap sitting around.

While some scrappers have already cleaned out their houses for the most scrap they can get their hands on, some may a mess that is waiting to be cashed in. That pile in the garage of stuff or the shed full of clutter could be nice hefty cash in that is waiting to be separated.

Although you may not classify yourself as a hoarder, some common items hanging around the house could be collecting dust but you can start collecting cash instead. Or if you have any friends or family that are holding on to a lot of junk you can reach out to them to help them clean out there house or office from the clutter.

Break the habit and start the scrapping!

There are many places you can find unused items to scrap and cash in with. Sometimes cleaning up hoarding houses can be a challenge because a lot of the junk can be seen as garbage, but there could be a few items you should keep an eye out for that are good for scrap. Here are some examples:

Kitchen & Bathroom

In these commonly used spaces in a house there are several opportunities to find scrap. Starting with any appliances that made need replacing, there are some great options like refrigeratorsdishwashers and stoves from kitchens. While they are made of mostly steel, you can still take apart any electric motors, wiring, stainless steel, and circuit boards. Some smaller items that can be taken from a kitchen include silverware, empty Aluminum Cans, pots, and pans.

From your bathroom, you can check if the tub is Cast Iron is rotting or needs to be replaced. Also check any plumbing fixtures to see if they need to be replaced, they will usually be made of brass.

Living Room or Office

These rooms are best for electronic scrap that can be found. In the living room there could be TV’s, speakers, and stereos that can be collected for some good items inside including circuit boards.

Inside of the office is where you can find higher priced scrap items like computers, laptops, and other e-scrap. You can go through any computers and pull out elements like hard drives, RAM boards, motherboards, and CPU’s.


Backyard, Shed, or Garage

There are several places outside a house that have great potential for scrap finds. Starting with a backyard or shed, there could be some great tools, lawn equipment, and even the shed itself that can be scrapped. Sheds are a common item in scrap they will usually be made of either aluminum or steel, so be sure to take your magnet out to tell the difference.

Garages are another good place to find some scrap laying around that can be cashed in. Any equipment like cords or wires that aren’t being used or are broken are a good place to start. If you have enough quantity you can strip the wires apart for the bare bright copper wire inside. Also you may want to keep an eye out for spare auto parts that may be laying around that can be scrapped.

If you have a “spotless” house with no clutter around, first off good for you! Secondly we suggest checking out classifies like Craigslist or your local newspaper for people who are looking for ‘clean outs’ or have junk.

Become an ‘American Picker’ or ‘Storage War’ Expert!

Think outside the box and look at the examples of some big items that you may see on shows like American PickersStorage Wars, or other scrapper favorite shows. While those ‘scrappers’ may have the ability to travel a it more, use your resources to find places near you with scrap.

Drive by that old, abandoned barn every day? Have storage units near your house? Stop by or call these places and see if they have auctions or if you could go in there and clean up the property. It never hurts to ask, the worst they can say is “no”. But they also could say “yes” and you could be looking at some bigger scrap items.

Don’t forget to use the proper safety equipment, hardhat, gloves, and glasses while scrapping. Also be sure to remove any plastic, wood, glass, or liquids from the materials you have to get paid the most for your scrap.

Once you have climbed through the different piles of scrap and separated your materials your next step is to find somewhere to bring it. You can use the iScrap App to find a scrap yard near you, view the materials they buy or give them a call for more information. Also remember there are things you should remember when preparing to go to a scrap yard.

If you have a larger quantity of material you can always request a container through the iScrap App or call a scrap yard near you and see if they can schedule to come pick up your scrap.

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