Choosing a Scrapping Resolution

scrapping resolutionYou were probably like many other scrappers at the end of the year splurging on holiday gifts and gatherings with friends. We know that the money may not seem like it comes so quickly in the winter months, but not to worry with the New Year, the iScrap App Team is here to help you get back on track! With new gym routines, food diets, financial improvements, and other resolutions usually fading away in the first month of the New Year, we want to help you choose a scrapping resolution that can actually have an impact on your everyday scrap adventures and make an impact on your pocket with more cash.
There are a few routes you can go with your scrapping resolution in the New Year so we have listed some of the common ways you can improve your scrap metal recycling and become a more efficient scrapper. Whether you are looking to make more money, learn more about scrapping, or just get better at it, we have something that can help you.

Scrapping Jar

scrapping jar of moneyPerhaps you have a tendency to go out and spend your scrapping money instantly when you receive it. To reap full rewards of your scrapping efforts, we suggest saving some of your money every trip to the scrap yard. Maybe you want to save up for a-much-needed vacation or a new sawzall or stripper for your wire. It can be a good idea to plan to work towards a reward at the end of the year. Not only will it be a really great feeling to reward yourself at the end of the year, but it can also help you appreciate the money you earn from your hard work during the year. Grab a mason jar or even a 5 gallon bucket with a lid and slip $5, $10, or $20 into it after every trip to the scrap yard. You can create a system like $1 for every $10 you earn goes into the bucket and after some time, you may be looking at hundreds, maybe even thousands at the end of the year.

Bookmark The Best Tips

OriginalFeets YouTubeMaybe with the New Year you want to create a better center of tips and tricks for your scrapping efforts during the year. Whether your searching through Google or YouTube for the best scrapping tips, you can occasionally come across some really great resources that help you separate or take apart your scrap metal items. To help you in the future, it can be a good idea to bookmark those page or websites in your internet browser. This will allow you to visit those sites at a later date with minimal effort. You can quickly check your favorite YouTube Scrapper like MooseScrapper or OriginalFeets, and see what newest videos they have uploaded. You may also come across a really great how-to step by step guide for certain items like CRT’s. Bookmark those pages so you can focus on the important tips and tricks during the year to help improve your scrapping tips.

Start Timing Yourself

SONY DSCWhen you are beginning to take apart more items for scrap you will generally get quicker and more efficient as time goes on. This is important to maximize your time when scrapping and traveling to collect more metal. When you have common items like computers, air conditioners, TV’s, fridges, AL/Copper radiators, and electric motors, it can be a good idea to time yourself and see how quickly you can take the item apart. Not only will it be a fun game to try to challenge yourself to get more efficient (remember safety is more important than speed!) or you can be using the information for something else. Once you get a good consistent time down for taking apart items, you can plan your scrapping days with better knowledge of how much time something will take you and you can value your time better. We have always mentioned about figuring out if your time is worth it for taking items apart like wire. This can help you get a better idea of what your time is worth when scrapping.

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