SCRAP NEWS | Winter Scrapping

Best Tips for Driving In The Snow

When the winter time hits, there’s always that first major snowstorm that throws everyone for a loop. People run out to the grocery store pick up the essentials, get their snow plows ready, and prep their shovels and snowblowers. When you are scrapping during the slower winter months, it’s important to keep a few things […]

Scrappy Holidays Video

happy holidays

This Holiday Season the iScrap App wants to wish you, your family, and friends a healthy and happy New Year! Being huge scrap metal fans, the iScrap App Team wanted to get you in the Holiday mood with a little presentation of Scrappy Holidays! Hope you enjoy! Related Articles: Scrapping During The Winter New Year’s […]

Best Time for Your Trip to the Scrap Yard

Midweek visits can be a better time to go to the scrap yard

Timing Is Everything Choosing the best scrap yard based on prices, experience, and location are some of the most important factors when you’re looking to make the most money on your scrap. Something else you may have not considered to make your scrap yard trip easier was the best time of the year, month, or […]

New Year’s Eve Ball Statistics

As you are preparing your New Year’s Eve plans this year, keep in mind some of these really interesting and fun facts about the New York City New Year’s Eve Ball. Getting the nod every year at midnight on December 31st, the New Year’s Ball has some really impressive statistics and history that make it […]

The Effects of Snow & Winter on the Scrap Industry

The cold weather can limit where you find scrap

Unless you are in the plowing or heating industries, the snowy, cold weather usually doesn’t help business. In fact, it is very common that during the winter season scrap yards and those in the scrap industry are severely affected by their business and lack of scrap jobs. As the cold hits the country, it seems […]

7/5/17 Scrap Price Update: Steel & Copper Prices On The Rise

Hey iScrappers! We want to first and foremost with American a very Happy 241st Birthday! Looking better then ever, we hope to see so many people conTinue to have so many chances to do great things. We hope that you were able to take a day or two off and enjoy the nice weather that […]

4 Products For Staying Warm Working Outside

Use this zippo hand warmer to warm your hands quickly

It is that time of year when the majority of the US and Canada are engulfed in the Arctic Air blasts and we are trying to keep warm every way possible. In the scrap metal industry, whether you work at a scrap yard or you are a scrapper hunting for scrap, most of the day […]

iScrappers’ Post: Christmas Poems

Christmas scrapper wishes

Many of our Facebook Fan iScrappers were really getting in the mood this holiday season with their scrapping poems. So we decided it was only fair to share them with the rest of the world. Like On Facebook “T’was the night before Christmas and all though the facility, Not a creature was stirring not even the man […]

6 Scrap Metal Items To Collect Around Christmas

Holiday lights

“Blast this Christmas music. It’s joyful and triumphant,” said the Grinch. Did you know that all of those old strands of Christmas lights are worth money? Instead of getting upset whenever that strand of lights doesn’t work anymore, think about how you can recycle them and make a little extra cash! If only the Grinch […]

Weekly What’s Update: Copper Continues It’s Climb

Copper prices are up

Hey iScrappers! With a new month here we are hoping for some nice weather as well as an uptick in pricing. We have seen more signs of improvement over the last week in the copper market with prices jumping another 3-4 cents per lb…and then stabilizing. The biggest key to that is that the prices […]

10/28/15 Scrap Price Update: Copper Stable, For Now?

Scrap Price updates for October 2015.

Hey iScrappers! We had a great weekend with dozens of people posting prices that they sold their scrap metals for, make sure you do the same at today….and you can also see many peoples prices on other materials that they have sold which will only help you out. Copper Has Remained Stable, For Now? […]

6/29/16 Scrap Price Update: Britain Causes Market Shake Up

Non-Ferrous Scrap Update In the last week we’ve seen the markets especially the copper one really react to the entire vote over in Britain. The vote in Britain with them leaving the European Union, has really caused a large ripple effect through the entire world market and because of that many prices were affected. If […]