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The Graveyard For Trains On Ohio Border

Located on the border of Pennsylvania and Ohio border tucked into the woods, sits old trains that seemingly have been rotting and rusting away for decades. Photographer Seph Lawless, took it upon himself to capture these awesome sites of trains from the modern era and all the way back to the 1930’s. The cemetery for […]

Mystery Woman Entitled to $100K After Dropping Off Apple I Vintage Computer

Vintage Apple I Computer dropped off at recycling center

As a scrapper, we all know that one man’s junk is another treasure. That is definitely the case for a mystery woman who recently dropped off a vintage computer to a local recycling facility just north of San Jose, California. Recently the woman was cleaning up her house and collecting a box of electronics after […]

14-Year-Old Searched For Scrap & Found This…

Kid finds armament of guns and ammo

Manchester, UK – A 14-Year-Old was being adventurous when searching for scrap metal at a wasteland near his home in England. He was sporting a metal detector to find some items that could help him earn some money at his local scrap yard. Instead of finding some cans and other normal items, he came across […]

Oak Island: Treasure Hunting Mysteries

The mysteries of oak island

Exploring Oak Island’s Treasures If any of our iScrappers out there watch the History Channel recently you have probably come across the series “The Curse of Oak Island”. This treasure hunting show takes place on Oak Island, located in Nova Scotia, Canada and follows two brothers, Rick and Marty Lagina, from Michigan that are exploring […]