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How Do You Scrap An Air Conditioner?

There are some different types of air conditioners that can be taken apart for scrap

One of the more common scrap items during the warmer months, air conditioners are very easy items to take apart for scrap metal inside but require some work. With a wide variety of materials like copper, electric motors, aluminum, and wire inside, any scrappers from beginner to advanced ones can benefit by taking apart an […]

Best Time for Your Trip to the Scrap Yard

Midweek visits can be a better time to go to the scrap yard

Timing Is Everything Choosing the best scrap yard based on prices, experience, and location are some of the most important factors when you’re looking to make the most money on your scrap. Something else you may have not considered to make your scrap yard trip easier was the best time of the year, month, or […]

7 Places to Find Scrap in the Spring


Spring is here and that means there are much more opportunities for you to find scrap around your community. There are few places to find scrap in the spring time if you keep an eye out, so you can contribute to the community clean ups and also your pocket. Find Scrap In These Places During The […]

Weekly What’s Update: Spring Is On The Way

Get ready for spring time scrapping

Hey iScrappers! With the Super Bowl and the NFL season over with it is time to get focused on the spring weather and hoping that things really heat up. We hope that many of you are dealing with the snow as best as possible and that you are able to find some scrap laying around. […]

Weekly What’s Update: Reasons for Steel Market Drop

check scrap yard prices on the iscrap app

Hey iScrappers! A week closer to Turkey Day, hopefully you are thankful to be finding scrap all over the place. We have tried to really dig deep into what is going on with the steel markets to get many of you an answer on why such drastic pricing drops. The iron ore market has fallen […]