Current Scrap Metal Prices
Scrap Metal Scrap Price Updated Price Date
Copper National Average $3.52/lb Updated 05/23/2024
Steel National Average $201.65/ton Updated 05/23/2024
Aluminum National Average $0.47/lb Updated 05/23/2024
Catalytic Converter Average $75.93/each Updated 05/23/2024

SCRAP NEWS | Scrap Metal Theft

5 Places To Store Scrap Securely & DIY Storage Options

Ways to Store Your Scrap Securely Collecting and recycling scrap metal is a popular side hustle. However, finding bits of valuable metals is only part of the puzzle. You have to consider how and where you’ll store the scrap finds. (If only to stockpile your metal pieces awaiting better prices in the scrap market and […]

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Scrap Metal Thieves Give Industry A Bad Name

Theft is a is a constant problem in the scrap metal industry. News stories of men being electrocuted to death trying to cut copper wires and cables, thieves cutting AC units from churches to scrap them, houses being stripped of copper pipes and the list goes on. Scrap prices have increased recently and it seems […]

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If Oils Rises Do Scrap Metal Prices Rise?

We Wish It Were That Simple… The question of prices always comes up, and if oil rises, do scrap metal prices rise as well? Or if scrap prices are going up, does that mean oil prices will rise? Great questions to ask, but not always an easy one to answer. Perhaps 10-15 years ago, the […]

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Man Electrocutes Himself Stealing Copper

If you are looking for a quick payout at your local scrap yard by recycling some copper wire or pipe, there are several ways to collect it safely and legally. Below we have video evidence of a perfect example of how NOT to “find” scrap copper. You can see in the video the man is trying […]

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Navigating The Gray Areas Of Scrap Metals

Like many other industries, the scrap metal industry has its gray areas regarding collecting and selling scrap metal and the laws and regulations that go along with it. While scrap laws usually vary from state to state in the US, many restrictions and illegal things apply nationwide. With scrap metal theft becoming increasingly common in […]

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Detroit: A City of Misfortune & Missing Metal

The city of Detroit is a reflection of what the US economy has been struggling with over the last few years. Bankruptcy, crime, displacement of citizens, and also scrap metal theft. In this New York Times article, you can follow the journey of those most affected by the economic downtime and how it has affected them. […]

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US Scrap Metal Laws By State

CLICK HERE TO FIND YOUR STATE LAWS Scrap Metal Laws – Know Before You Go. The iScrap App Team is pleased to announce that we are bringing you great resources and scrap law information from the scrap metal industry. With the largest scrap yard directory and community of scrappers, we want to provide helpful information like scrap […]

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The History of Catalytic Converters

Ever wonder what the history of your catalytic converters are, but you are too worried about ruining them by cutting them open? Let us tell you all about them today. Catalytic converters are standard on all cars that were made in the mid-1970s and were made to cut down on pollution from the automobile industry. […]

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Who Is ISRI?

Who is ISRI? A lot of scrappers have asked us in the past about this thing called ISRI and and why they need to know about it when they go to scrap yards near them. ISRI stands for Institute of Scrap & Recycling Industries and exists to help all recycling companies across the US and abroad […]

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These 3 States Are Hard To Scrap In

We have talked to a lot of people that live in stats through the US that have varying scrap laws, and many people have asked why different states have such different rules.  Why Do So Many States Have Different Scrap Laws? The answer: Because not all states have the same priorities, the same problems, the […]

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