Current Scrap Metal Prices
Scrap Metal Scrap Price Updated Price Date
Copper National Average $3.60/lb Updated 06/16/2024
Steel National Average $178.16/ton Updated 06/16/2024
Aluminum National Average $0.49/lb Updated 06/16/2024
Catalytic Converter Average $75.93/each Updated 06/16/2024

SCRAP NEWS | Scrap Metal Safety

Scrap Metal Thieves Give Industry A Bad Name

Theft is a is a constant problem in the scrap metal industry. News stories of men being electrocuted to death trying to cut copper wires and cables, thieves cutting AC units from churches to scrap them, houses being stripped of copper pipes and the list goes on. Scrap prices have increased recently and it seems […]

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Scrapping Aluminum Wire & Why It Can Pay Off

If you have insulated or bare aluminum wires, there are a few things to remember to ensure you receive the best price at your scrap yard. Insulated aluminum wire is often used to replace copper wire in many instances as a cheaper and easier solution. While it is not quite as good a conductor as […]

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Choosing The 4 Best Hand Trucks for Scrappers Hauling Heavy Material & Appliances

The Power of Efficiency in Scrap Metal Recycling Scrap metal recycling is a demanding industry that requires physical strength and logistics foresight to efficiently plan out a day’s or week’s worth of scrap pick-up and drop-off. To enhance your workflow and make the heavy lifting easier, incorporating a reliable hand truck or dolly is a […]

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Snowy Yard Scrapping During Sunrise

4 Easy Ways To Collect Scrap During The Winter

As the winter chill sets in across North America, scrappers face unique challenges in finding and recycling scrap metal. We all know that winter adversely affects the scrap industry, but the cold weather and snow-covered landscapes make the task more demanding than the warmer seasons. However, with strategic thinking and adaptability, scrappers can still turn […]

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Our Favorite Holiday Gifts for Any Scrapper – Including Top Tools To Profits

As the holiday season approaches, there’s no better time to show appreciation for the scrappers in your life with the perfect gifts. Whether they’re passionate about scrapping or love getting their hands dirty with DIY projects, our list has something for every enthusiast. We decided to ask the Scrappers of Reddit and our Scrap Metal […]

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6 Money-Making Tips for Organizing Your Scrap

We always mentioned how important it is to separate your scrap metals before heading to the yard. We can’t stress that enough for many reasons. It makes the operation of unloading and weighing up easier, usually will make you more money by separating your metals, therefore you make more money! Win-win for everyone! Knowing Your […]

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Check Your Newer Scrap Copper Fittings!

iScrappers, What’s Up!? We want to talk about copper fittings today. We know that you have all seen many copper fittings in your day, but we want you to know that there is a new type out there that you need to watch out for. There are new “solder-less fittings” that have rubber gaskets inside […]

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$12 Could Save Your Life: DIY First Aid Kit

Cuts and bruises are pretty typical in the scrap industry. Even if you are following the safety procedures and preventative ways to protect yourself, accidents happen. So the iScrap App Team is here to save the day, not you. So don’t rely on us for professional medical advice, just take what we have to say […]

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Top 7 Frustrations With Scrap Yards

According to an IBIS World report, the US market for scrap metal recycling is worth $27.8 billion in 2021. This is after being adjusted for a 5.5% growth for the year. Based on projections, such change is poised to continue in the coming years. As such, regardless of whether you are a seasoned scrapper or […]

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Safety Tips – Communicate

Talking with those around you and that you work with is important. Letting the team around you know what is going on will make life much easier when you are trying to get a job done. By having dialogue with those around you, helps so they don’t have to assume. See More Safety Tips

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Truck Safety & Maintenance Could Save You Money

Keeping good care of your scrapping truck (or vehicle) is important to maintaining a solid way to transport your scrap to the scrap yards. Having the right safety features and techniques in mind also makes your scrapping a lot easier for everyone involved. Truck Safety Tips for Scrapping Personal Safety – To maintain the level of […]

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Boots & Beds: 2 Things You Should Never Buy Cheap

We often look for the best deals when we are selling scrap, looking for tools, shopping for anything online or filling the gas tank up. But when is there a good time to spend a lot of money on things….our answer is simple. Boots & Beds. Give Yourself The Best Rest Think about it, you […]

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