Current Scrap Metal Prices
Scrap Metal Scrap Price Updated Price Date
Copper National Average $2.99/lb Updated 12/03/2023
Steel National Average $213.88/ton Updated 12/03/2023
Aluminum National Average $0.43/lb Updated 12/03/2023
Catalytic Converter Average $81.00/each Updated 12/03/2023


Copper Prices See All-Time High, But Why?

Why has the copper market shot up so fast? The Ukrainian and Russian conflict is causing all of the price gaugings that we have seen since the initial invasion of Ukraine. These world events will generally have significant ripple effects across the markets and commodities, especially when you start to consider the oil effect that […]

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Top 9 Industries That Affect Scrap Metal Markets & Prices

Scrap metal industries focus on reducing, reusing, and recycling. You’ll find that the sector is vital in eliminating our wastes and reducing carbon footprints. One of the questions that we keep asking is whether the metals market is going up or down anytime soon. In most cases, you notice how quickly the scrap metals change. […]

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10 Things Your Scrap Yard Probably Won’t Accept

Are you new to scrapping, or perhaps have some things you’d love to take to your local scrap yard? If yes, you may be on to something. Whether consistently or for a one-off deal, selling scrap metal can yield decent returns.  Scrap Yard Myths But before you begin scrapping, you should familiarize yourself with the […]

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How Supply Chain Issues Affect Scrap Prices

While the market size for the scrap metal industry is projected to grow by 8.3% in 2022, the sector is facing a significant challenge; surging prices. As of 2021, the process of iron and steel rose to approximately $435 per metric ton. This is almost double the $228 price for the previous year.  Depending on […]

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Safety Tips – Communicate

Talking with those around you and that you work with is important. Letting the team around you know what is going on will make life much easier when you are trying to get a job done. By having dialogue with those around you, helps so they don’t have to assume. See More Safety Tips

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How Do You Scrap A Refrigerator?

When you are looking for scrap items that can be taken apart, oftentimes, refrigerators are an everyday item that is easy to find. Whether someone is replacing their outdated one or their current one got busted. Many people place their refrigerators on the curb, hoping that a scrapper or garbage man can pick them up […]

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Different Types of Scrap Lead

One of the most extraordinary metals that we see is Lead. Even though it is an ugly color…it is never an ugly weight. Lead is one of the densest metals out there and can be found in all applications. Cars, trucks, and motorcycles all have lead batteries inside of them because they hold an excellent […]

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Scrapping: Tricks of the Trade

  When you’re a scrapper, staying on top of market news, price changes, and other events that may affect your profits at the scrap yard is essential. But it is also essential to keep up with the latest tips and information that can help you make more money in a quick fashion.Staying updated with the […]

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The Basics of Eco-Friendly Scrap Metal Salvaging

The summer inevitably brings with it some hot, humid days, rainstorms, backyard barbecues  and evening baseball games. For thousands of families across the country, the warm weather signals the time of year when you might be moving. For offices, the summer offers a few months when the physical move can take place. While it can be […]

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Easiest Ways to Make More Money on Scrap Metal

Sometimes while scrapping we can get carried away with the large objects and materials. Here is a refresher course on some small things you can do to make more money while scrapping. These smaller tips and objects can bring you in some good money when recycling scrap metal with your local scrap yard. Below we […]

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6 Scrapping Wonders of the World

The iScrap App Team is excited to bring you 6 of the Scrapping Wonders of the World. We have gone through some notable infrastructures that have been made throughout the centuries, which would be a scrapper’s dream. There are many large landmarks around the world that are made from metal. Have you ever wondered how […]

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How To Scrap Cast Aluminum Grills

With the Fall here, we have to be on the lookout for many items that are being scrapped from the summer months…like grills. Most grills are going to be one of three things: Today, we are going to go over the third, cast aluminum. A cast aluminum grill is generally an item that is poured […]

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