SCRAP NEWS | Metal Monday

Metal Monday: Memory Boards from Computers

Scrapping memory boards from computers

Do you ever hear people talking about losing their memory…? Well that happens to the best of us, but we certainly don’t want to see you lose your computer memory if you can avoid doing so. Memory is used inside of all computers to help access the information that is located on the hard drives. The […]

Metal Monday: Common Household Items

Where to find scrap metal items in your house

Ever wake up, hit the alarm clock and just want to throw it against the wall? Well…sometimes those old alarm clocks and other household electronics are great items to be able to scrap. Many of the newer clocks will mostly be plastic, but a lot of the old ones have metal frames as well as […]

Metal Monday: Tips On Separating Scrap Wires

Mixes of wire are common when you are working on jobsites and sometimes it is easier to sell the mixes as-is then it is to separate and sort them out. We talked to multiple scrappers who have done both sorting and separating and depending on what types of wires are mixed together you have to […]

Metal Monday: Hard Drives, The Computer Brain

Scrapping the hard drives from computers

Does memory in a computer actually store memory…no it does not, but we will talk about that another day. Today we will talk about where the storage is on a computer, the hard drive. Hard drives are essential for all computers to operate at all. With all of the software that runs computers located on […]

How To Scrap Sealed Units & Compressors

Also known as compressors…sealed units are found all over the place. Filled with copper (similar to that of an electric motors) sealed units are used in air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers, and other appliances that are meant to cool down rooms or food. Almost always covered by a thick steel case these units are easy to […]

Metal Monday: Mercury

Believe it or not Mercury is not just a planet in the solar system, but a metal that is very hard to dispose of. Mercury used to be used in almost all thermometers, but now is very difficult to get rid of. Very few (if any) scrap yards want to buy Mercury, so that puts […]

Metal Monday: What Is Roofing Copper Worth In Scrap?

When working on a roof you may see copper used as decorative pieces such as flashing or as a more practical piece like a gutter or a liter. These items can make a building look great but can also be a great item to scrap when they rip or break. Roofing Copper Generally is Called: […]

Metal Monday: Aluminum Turnings

How to recycling aluminum shavings at a scrap yard

Ever wonder why aluminum turnings or other types of metal turnings are such a lower price in comparison to aluminum solids or other types of metal solids? That has been a question that we have been asked many times in front of machine shop owners as other scrappers who come across them. Let’s start with […]

Metal Monday: Circuit Boards & Their Elements

Selling scrap circuit boards and their components

Circuit boards are a very tricky item and they are not always the easiest thing to figure out so let’s talk about them today. Circuit boards are found in all types of items including: computers, microwaves, laptops, TVs, among many other items. There are many types of metals on and in circuit boards and we […]

Metal Monday: Difference Between Zinc & Tin

While looking similar…zinc and tin are two very different metals. Zinc is a metal that is used in many applications as an anti-rust method. You could hear of zinc plated wall studs…but the most common place that you will find zinc is right in your pocket. Pennies are made up of mostly zinc with a small […]

Metal Monday: Die Cast Aluminum

How to recycling scrap die cast aluminum.

Cast aluminum look all the same right? Well…what if you go to sell it and your scrap yard labels it as Die Cast and you have no idea what that is. Let’s go over Die Cast and how you can tell the difference between it and other metals. What’s the Difference? Die Cast has zinc […]

Metal Monday: Scrapping Dirty Stainless Steel

Dirty stainless steel. You find it, you see it, you sell it. Pretty simple right? You probably see some of the small amount of contaminants on it and think to yourself that there won’t be a big discount for small amounts of material, but you never know. How Do You Scrap Dirty Stainless Steel? Then […]