SCRAP NEWS | Metal Monday

Metal Monday: Mercury

Believe it or not Mercury is not just a planet in the solar system, but a metal that is very hard to dispose of. Mercury used to be used in almost all thermometers, but now is very difficult to get rid of. Very few (if any) scrap yards want to buy Mercury, so that puts […]

Metal Monday: Drill Bits for Scrap

iScrappers….What’s going on!?!?!?! We cant believe that the weekend went so quick again and here we are on Mondays, but Metal Mondays is in full effect today! A lot of people ask about about drill bits and the different types of bits that are out there. The most common drill bit is a hard steel […]

Metal Monday: Types of Scrap Lead Batteries

A big question that we get is about the different types of lead batteries and how they are priced and paid for over the scale. Lead batteries are generally always going to be in the same price range except when you have larger lead batteries like forklift batteries. These batteries with the steel cases will […]

Metal Monday: Alnico Magnets

Rare earth magnets called alnico magnets

Rare earth magnets generally apply to a magnet called Alnico. Alnico magnets are very expensive and can be found inside of harddrives among many other items. They are very strong…and also very expensive to buy. What is inside of one? Aluminum, Copper, Cobalt, Titanium, and Iron. All of these put together at the correct temperature […]

Metal Monday: Scrapping Boats

Boats can have both aluminum, copper and steel

Let’s go over boats and other types of water vehicles. There are many types of items from aquatic toys that are scrapable. From the engines of them to the entire boat itself, many of these items are very good for scrap metal. Items that you can find inside of boats that are scrapable: aluminum body […]

Metal Monday: Older Materials For Scrap

Today we are going to talk about great scrap items that can be used for more then just scrap…but as decorative designs and even as antique items. Old metal items like cast iron stoves, radiators, bathtubs, and even chairs are some of the most sought after items for reuse for antiques and for other decorative […]

Hurricane Sandy: A Scrapper’s View

Hurricane Sandy produced enormous levels of scrap

Tom Buechel, creator of the iScrap App had a very unique set of circumstances heading in the week of Hurricane Sandy sweeping through his region of residence and business. Below are his thoughts and adventures through the crisis. “Hoboken, NJ –  Here I was 2000 miles away from home and the biggest storm to hit […]

Metal Monday: Memory Boards from Computers

Scrapping memory boards from computers

Do you ever hear people talking about losing their memory…? Well that happens to the best of us, but we certainly don’t want to see you lose your computer memory if you can avoid doing so. Memory is used inside of all computers to help access the information that is located on the hard drives. The […]

Best Places Where To Find Scrap Prices

Importance of scrap price tracking

How to figure out when to sell scrap is tough? Do you do it when the prices jump real fast? Do you wait and then shop around? Knowing what the market is doing is half of the battle and talking to your local scrap yards will make it so you can figure out when the […]

How To Scrap A Grill

The iScrap App, Rockaway Recycling, and Moose Scrapper all teamed up to create a great video series of videos demonstrating the life of a scrapped Cast AL grill. Showing the process of taking it apart, to loading it up in the truck, finding a scrap yard, and cashing it in the videos give you an […]

Metal Monday: Scrapping Cars & Materials

iScrappers…lets talk cars today. All of us need some type of a vehicle at sometime to get from point A to point B. Whether you have a horse and buggy, a bicycle, or a car or truck, you always have to be ready to move scrap and go all over the place. Cars are one […]

Metal Monday: Common Household Items

Where to find scrap metal items in your house

Ever wake up, hit the alarm clock and just want to throw it against the wall? Well…sometimes those old alarm clocks and other household electronics are great items to be able to scrap. Many of the newer clocks will mostly be plastic, but a lot of the old ones have metal frames as well as […]