SCRAP NEWS | Metal Monday

How To Scrap Pewter & Where To Find It

Pewter is another alloy that is very strange and has all types of forms. Pewter can be made into dishes, bowls, silverware, but generally you will see pewter in decorative features. You won’t go to Walmart or Sears to buy silverware for your home made from pewter…but if you find it in scrap it could […]

Metal Monday: Alkaline Batteries For Scrap?

Household batteries have little or no value in scrapping

Batteries. What are they and what types are out there to many money off of? Many people asking about the household batteries, also known as alkaline batteries, and if they are worth money. The answer is relatively simple…not that we know of. Some items actually cost money to get rid of and alkaline batteries are […]

Metal Monday: Marine Brass for Scrap

Marine brass for scrap

Many times scrappers are asking us about the difference between yellow and red brass, but Marine Brass is another material we have been asked about before. Marine Brass confuses a lot of people because they think that it is just as good…or better then normal everyday yellow brass. Let’s debunk that myth. What Is Marine […]

Metal Monday: Cast Iron Radiators

Radiators…so many types and from so many places. Radiators are used not only to heat things up…but also to help cool things down. Depending on the type of radiator that you are talking about will affect what type of material that you have. Cast Iron radiators are generally found in older homes and have hot […]

Metal Monday: Reselling Computer Parts

Reselling computer parts beyond the scrap yard is easy

Computer towers are all over the place, libraries, your own house, maybe the office. But computer towers can be so much more then just scrap sometimes. A lot of computer towers can be repurposed and resold for more then scrap value if you know how to put new hard drives in and update some software….but […]

Metal Monday: Finding The Best Scrap Metal Tips

Tips on Scrapping?!?! Well…finding tips on scrapping online has become a very easy thing…but finding GOOD and worthwhile tips is not as easy. A lot of people have asked us what makes us qualified for giving so many tips and that is a great question to go over. Where To Find The Best Scrap Metal […]

Metal Monday – Gallium

Gallium is a metal which melts on palm of the hand, due to its low melting point (29.76 C).If you hold a solid gallium crystal in your hand, your body heat will cause it to slowly melt into a silvery metallic puddle. Pour it into a dish, and it freezes back into a solid. gallium […]

Scrapping Christmas Lights

Hey Scrappers! Hope you had plenty of turkey during the holiday season and you are gearing up for a busy winter season ahead. One of the more popular things that you will see more then normal for December and January will be Christmas lights. Many people ask us if Christmas lights can just go into their normal […]

Metal Monday: 5 Ways To Scrap or Recycle Cell Phones

So you have old cell phones sitting around the house, or you see them at garage sales or even in the trash…well these are great items for scrapping. Not all scrap yards will take the cell phones, but we suggest doing a couple of smart things to make them worth it. Always take the batteries […]

Metal Monday: Types of Electric Motors for Scrap

Electric motors vary some are copper bearing, other aluminum.

So you are thinking about scrapping electric motors, and you wonder what’s inside of them? Well…metal of course! Electric motors are used to power many types of devices from the simple spinning glass inside of a microwave all the way up to the engines on planes. Inside of electric motors there are windings, and that […]

Metal Monday: Cell Tower Wires

Hey iScrappers! With so many cell phones all over the place you have to wonder where the heck the signals come from right?!?! Well, that answer is thousands of cell phone towers across the US. With thousands of towers disguised as trees, billboards, or on the sides of water towers you will see antennas everywhere […]

Metal Mondays: Different Kinds of Scrap Ballasts

scrapping different types of ballasts

There are many types of scrap ballasts and knowing which ones that you have before going to your scrap yards will always help when you go to sell your material. Here are a few tips on what to look out for: PCBs– If Ballasts have PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls) inside of them many scrap yards will […]