SCRAP NEWS | Metal Monday

Metal Monday – Cast Aluminum Grills

BBQ grills that you can recycle

With the Fall here, we have to be on the lookout for a lot of items that are being scrapped from the summer months…like grills. Most grills are going to be one of three things: Non-Magnetic Stainless Steel Magnetic Stainless Steel Cast Aluminum. Today we are going to go over the third, cast aluminum. A […]

Metal Monday: Reselling Computer Towers

Reselling computers towers instead of scrap metal

Computer towers are all over the place, libraries, your own house, maybe the office. But computer towers can be so much more then just scrap sometimes. A lot of computer towers can be repurposed and resold for more then scrap value if you know how to put new hard drives in and update some software…but […]

Scrap Metal Monday: Do You Know or THINK You Know?

Knowing what you have…and saying what you have are two different things. It is not easy to always know what type of material you have, and without knowing the proper terminology it will be difficult to sell it for the right price at your local scrap yard. What Is The Lingo? If you go to […]

Metal Monday – Stainless Steel

We have talked about stainless steel a few times, but it can get confusing so we want to go over it again. There are many different grades of stainless steel, but we are going to talk about the one common kind and the misconceptions about stainless. 304 Stainless is the most common type of stainless […]

Metal Monday: Taking Gold From Boards

motherboards have gold and copper components

So Scrappers…you are trying to figure out whether or not to cut the gold fingers off of the motherboards and other types of electronic scrap that you are getting. The question is…is it worth doing? Years ago the electronic waste was worth much more money then it was today even with the gold prices being […]

Metal Monday: Scrapping Patio Furniture

How to scrap metal lawn furniture

PPatio furniture is one of the best items to make a score on while scrapping. If you are moving or bought new furniture for your backyard hangout, you may be looking to get rid of your furniture and make some extra money from it. Usually you will have steel or aluminum furniture, but there are […]

Metal Monday: Platinum

Platinum is one of the more attractive metals and is most often found in catalytic converters

Platinum is one of those metals that most people think of as being used in jewelry…but most cars have platinum underneath them in the catalytic converters! Platinum can be used to help filter some of the CO2 before it hits the exhaust and goes into the air. Due to it’s high melting temperatures, platinum is […]

Metal Monday: Romex® Wire

Romex is a common electrical wire best stripped for additional cash

Let’s go over one of the most common house wires out there…romex. Romex® comes in many colors, yellow, white, orange, and a few others and has three copper wires inside of it. One is a bare bright wire which is the ground, and then there are two smaller gauges that could be like a 10 […]

Can You Recycle Freon from Air Conditioners?

Removing freon from appliances

Freon is something that is not a metal…but can be very interesting to recycle. There are many different types of Freon and like scrap metals they all have different values. Knowing what type of Freon is inside of the air conditioners, freezers, or refrigeration units that you have will benefit many people. Do Scrap Yards […]

Metal Monday: Magnetic Stainless Steel?

Magnetic Stainless Steel

Hey iScrappers! Last week we spoke about cast aluminum and touched on two other metals, today we are going to go over one metal, magnetic stainless steel. Now, many of you are going to ask, hey, what’s magnetic stainless? Don’t you meant steel? There is such a thing called magnetic stainless steel, and one of […]

Metal Monday: Scrapping Ballasts

How to recycle scrap metal ballasts

Ballasts are all over the place…you might not “see,” them…but they help you see wherever you are. Inside of all types of lights there are different types of ballasts. From copper to electronic ballasts they are all over the place and need to be looked for when you are scrapping. There are a few different […]

Metal Monday Tip: Quickest Way For Scrap Money

What is the quickest way to make money with scrap metal? We were asked that question recently and it is a difficult one to actually answer. We always like to see people making the most money with their scrap metal instead of the quickest way to make money, but we also know that time = […]