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Common Electrician Scrap Metal Finds

Another blog explains how plumbers can make a good side hustle out of their excess materials. The same goes for electricians. Both are in the business to make money through contracted projects of their own but are able to make a significant side income off of excess scrap materials. And with frequent visits to the […]

Common Plumbing Scrap Metal Finds


Peddlers aren’t the only ones cashing in on scrap metal. At the Rockaway Recycling yard, trade-specific workers are frequently cashing in on excess material from everyday jobs and projects they work on. Plumbers, in particular, make a pretty good side hustle from scrap material. Suggested Reading: Scrapping: The Perfect Side Hustle For Extra Cash Plumber’s Common […]

Top 15 Questions To Ask Before Your First Trip To The Scrap Yard

scrap yard with electromagnetic crane

Your first trip to the scrap yard can be a bit daunting. Maybe you’ve been reading up, doing your research in the Scrap Metal Recycling Group, and have heard some not-so-great stories from people visiting their yard. First off, don’t worry; we have you covered. Not all yards are the same, but these questions should […]

Who To Talk To At The Scrap Yard

How many of you go to the same yard every time you go to sell your scrap? Do you see the same scale manager, same yard workers, maybe even the owner, every time you go? If you’re seeing the same people day in and day out, you won’t have any other experience to compare that […]

How To Ask For Better Scrap Metal Prices

So you want to negotiate for better scrap metal prices with your yard. Well, of course, you do! Who doesn’t? But you can’t just go into your yard demanding better prices; you need to show them why you deserve that higher price per pound or ton.  What Scrap Yards Want to Know How much material […]

5 Types & Grades of Different Aluminum Scrap

Aluminum seems to be one of the most confusing as well as most commonly scrapped metals. Aluminum can be found in residential items like folding lawn chairs and commercial items like airplanes. As one of the softest and strongest metals, its use is widespread and wipe spread.  Let’s go into some of the names and […]

Increase Scrap Profits With These Must-Have Tools

Based on surveys with scrappers, we’ve compiled the ultimate scrapper’s tool guide using our years of experience, trial and error, and scrapper suggestions. We’re not saying you should have every tool on this list, but these are probably the most common and the most widely used in the scrapper profession.  Dismantling and separating your scrap […]

Environmental Impact of Catalytic Converters

BROUGHT TO YOU BY:   What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the words catalytic converter? Is it a vision of money (we all know by now the cats have significant value)? Yes, selling scrap catalytic converters can lead to a nice payday, but have you thought about the OTHER green associated […]

Copper Falling From Fears of COVID Resurgence – 8/18/21

Spooked investors and other outside forces are contributing to copper’s recent fall while aluminum remains an ol’ reliable metal. Find more market news and scrap prices inside.

How Will The Infrastructure Bill Affect Scrap – 8/11/21

The scrap market is nothing like anything we have seen, as it takes regular hard-working people to be able to grind it out, and with the markets in great shape, we hope you are out there hustling like always.

Should I Granulate My Scrap Copper?

The question of whether or not to granulate copper has come across our metaphorical desk several times, so we figured it’s time to address it. So let’s begin with what granulation is.

Options for Recycling Tires from Scrap Cars

SUBSCRIBE ON YOUTUBE Recycling Tires: What Do You Do Generally, when you scrap cars and piece them out, you’re always going to have leftover tires. Have you ever considered how to rid of tires? Or where do they go after you? Over the years, tires have been something you’ve always had to pay to get […]