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Cool Scrap Hangouts

Scrapper Hangouts are Cool

There are always some great places that come up in scrapping adventures. We wanted to share some of the cool places that have been shared with us through the last few months. Check out some of the other really cool scrap treasures that have been found over the year with these scrap pictures. Some of these below […]

It’s Movember: Join The iScrap App Team For Men’s Health

Men's Health Awareness

Now that Halloween is over and the NFL Season seems to be in full swing, it’s time to get some buzz around Men’s Health and all those guys with moustaches walking around. Some of your may be aware of the Movember Movement for the month of November. Most people know the movement as encouraging men […]

Oak Island: Treasure Hunting Mysteries

The mysteries of oak island

Exploring Oak Island’s Treasures If any of our iScrappers out there watch the History Channel recently you have probably come across the series “The Curse of Oak Island”. This treasure hunting show takes place on Oak Island, located in Nova Scotia, Canada and follows two brothers, Rick and Marty Lagina, from Michigan that are exploring […]

Floating Diamonds With A Laser Beam

Want To Totally Geek Out? Check out this awesome YouTube video by User styropyro where he explains and demonstrates how lasers work and how he levitates diamonds in the laser beam. He has a full explanation of math, equations, science, and more behind the way the laser functions and how it can float particle in the beam. […]

Metal-Eating Magnetic Putty!

This magnet putty melts metals

Watch out scrappers this is like quick sand for your metals! We recently found this crazy story from our friends at Redline Metals. So this magnetic putty swallows your metals whole so don’t get too close! This cool creation has small magnets in the putty so when you begin playing with it with a magnet […]

NFL Draft: Pick Your Number One Scrap Yard!

NFL Draft

With the NFL Draft coming up this week, many sports fans will tune in to see what star gets picked to go to the struggling teams throughout the league. This got us thinking about how scrappers may choose their number one scrap yard using the iScrap App and why they bring their scrap to that […]

Metal Monday: Older Materials For Scrap

Today we are going to talk about great scrap items that can be used for more then just scrap…but as decorative designs and even as antique items. Old metal items like cast iron stoves, radiators, bathtubs, and even chairs are some of the most sought after items for reuse for antiques and for other decorative […]

Backyard Decor Transformed Into A Foundry

Learn how to melt down your own aluminum cans safely

This is really unique backyard project to help your scrapping needs and can save you some space. Check out the below video that has information and how-to instruction on how to make your own foundry in your backyard to help melt your aluminum cans. The iScrap App Team does not suggest using this as a […]

How Your Clothes Are Exactly Like Scrap Metals

It is funny because we always talk about different types of scrap metals and how to dress while scrapping, but we wanted to combine the two for a fun comparison, so let’s see how it works. Pants or Steel Pants are one of the first things that you put on in the morning, and because […]

Octopus Grabs Crab…Disappears

Imagine you’re just walking along and BAM! an octopus grabs you! That’s what happened to this crab when it was just hanging around the shallow pools of the water. The octopus came out of seemingly nowhere and “walked” on land to grab the crab and then proceed to take him down into the dark depths […]

6 Scrapping Wonders of the World

The iScrap App Team is excited to bring you 6 of the Scrapping Wonders of the World. We have gone through some notable infrastructures that have been made throughout the centuries, which would be a scrapper’s dream. There are many large landmarks around the world that are made from metal. Have you ever wondered how […]

New Year’s Eve Ball Statistics

As you are preparing your New Year’s Eve plans this year, keep in mind some of these really interesting and fun facts about the New York City New Year’s Eve Ball. Getting the nod every year at midnight on December 31st, the New Year’s Ball has some really impressive statistics and history that make it […]