Current Scrap Metal Prices
Scrap Metal Scrap Price Updated Price Date
Copper National Average $2.81/lb Updated 06/06/2023
Steel National Average $168.00/ton Updated 06/06/2023
Aluminum National Average $0.48/lb Updated 06/06/2023

SCRAP NEWS | Fun While Scrapping

Full-Time Scrapping: Is It An Option For You?

With the job market in a frenzy after the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are left searching for ways to make ends meet. People were laid off, while others decided to walk away from unsatisfactory work situations.  Metal scrapping can be a great way to make extra cash. But can you make a living off of […]

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6 Scrapping Wonders of the World

The iScrap App Team is excited to bring you 6 of the Scrapping Wonders of the World. We have gone through some notable infrastructures that have been made throughout the centuries, which would be a scrapper’s dream. There are many large landmarks around the world that are made from metal. Have you ever wondered how […]

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Why Plane Tickets Are So Expensive

Vacation Time? Find Out Why Plane Tickets Are So Expensive Gas is part of the reason why plane tickets are so expense, and maybe scrap metal can help. A lot of scrappers throughout the year use their extra scrapping money for vacations and for trips around the country (maybe to find more scrap), but it seems […]

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New Year’s Eve Ball Statistics

As you are preparing your New Year’s Eve plans this year, keep in mind some of these really interesting and fun facts about the New York City New Year’s Eve Ball. Getting the nod every year at midnight on December 31st, the New Year’s Ball has some really impressive statistics and history that make it […]

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Scrapping: The Perfect Side Hustle For Extra Cash

There are full-time scrappers, hard-core scrappers, part-timers, and those that grew up in the business and continued on the legacy. And then you have hobbyist scrappers: those who one day heard about this thing called scrap metal, decided to try their hand at it, and got addicted.  The Perfect Side Hustle For Extra Cash Maybe […]

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Cool, Sometimes Weird Scrapping Items

GARBAGE: Some people see it as trash, scrappers see it as CA$H! Some items that scrappers see come through the yards are out of the ordinary and fun. Some things What kind of cool or weird items have you seen go through the yards by you? Here are some of the cool items we were […]

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Become a Featured iScrapper!

Want to show off what makes you and your pick up service unique? You have a chance to shine in the scrapping spotlight and show off your skills and experience in scrapping metal. The iScrap App Team is looking for experience scrapping individuals from all over the WORLD to show off why you scrap, how […]

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Big Mac Meets Molten Copper (VIDEO)

Man Pours Liquid Copper on Big Mac Hamburger A YouTuber, Tito4re, recently wanted to conduct an experiment to see what would happen when he poured molten copper on a McDonald’s Big Mac Hamburger Sandwich. He takes a bit of copper wire and scrap and begins to melt it in his own foundry. Copper’s melting point […]

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1000-Year Old Viking Treasure Found in Scotland

Sometimes all you need is a metal detector and some land. Derek McLennan had all of that and more when he recently discovered a 1000-year treasure stash in Dumfriesshire, Scotland. He was searching the area with his metal detector and came across one of the biggest treasure finds in Scotland’s history. He uncovered over 100 […]

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Speed Dating…In A Ford Mustang

Ford pulled out some great moves this Valentine’s Day to get some speed dates on the road in their new 2015 Mustang. These unsuspecting guys didn’t know what was going to hit them when they went on these blind dates. Little did they know the pretty lady they met is actually a professional stunt driver. […]

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OtterBox #DefenderSeries: Best Way To Protect Your Phone

The iScrap App Team has some exciting news. We’ve partnered up with OtterBox to bring our iScrappers some great products to protect their phones while scrapping and beating up your smartphones. The Defender Series is their toughest way to protect your smartphone from dust, dirt, drops, and anything your hectic life throws at it, literally. […]

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New iScrap App Shirt Color?

The iScrap App Team is in need of some help! We want to know what color our next set of shirts for the holidays should be. Because our fans and audience are the ones wearing them, we want to know what you think would be best. We are going to be revealing the design of […]

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