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Full-Time Scrapping: Is It An Option For You?

With the job market in a frenzy after the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are left searching for ways to make ends meet. People were laid off, while others decided to walk away from unsatisfactory work situations.  Metal scrapping can be a great way to make extra cash. But can you make a living off of […]

iScrap App Team Members to Compete & Raise Money For St. Jude

July 9, 2012 – Rockaway, NJ – The iScrap App team is proud to announce that two of their team members are going to be competing in the first New Jersey based Warrior Dash on Saturday, July 14th in Morristown, NJ. Tom Buechel, creator of the iScrap App and fellow employee and sister Virginia will […]

Furious 7: What Happened To Those Wrecked Cars?

With the Furious 7 movie coming out in theaters this week, viewers will be in awe of the heart-pumping, fast-paced car chases and sequences in the action film. But what some may not think about while watching, will be what happened to all those wrecked cars? That’s why the iScrap App Team is here! The […]

1000-Year Old Viking Treasure Found in Scotland

Sometimes all you need is a metal detector and some land. Derek McLennan had all of that and more when he recently discovered a 1000-year treasure stash in Dumfriesshire, Scotland. He was searching the area with his metal detector and came across one of the biggest treasure finds in Scotland’s history. He uncovered over 100 […]

OtterBox #DefenderSeries: Best Way To Protect Your Phone

The iScrap App Team has some exciting news. We’ve partnered up with OtterBox to bring our iScrappers some great products to protect their phones while scrapping and beating up your smartphones. The Defender Series is their toughest way to protect your smartphone from dust, dirt, drops, and anything your hectic life throws at it, literally. […]

Old Scrap vs. New Scrap

Generations of scrap do the same things but differently

No, we’re not talking about the age of scrappers, but the history of scrapping and scrap yards themselves. For those that have been scrapping for at least 10 years if not more, you know there have been some very significant and impacting changes within the industry. So to explain some of those changes we are […]

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Melt Your Own Scrap Ingots

It looks cool. It could be a fun hobby to do with friends or in your yard…melting and molding your own scrap metal ingots. While it may make for entertaining times or cool YouTube videos, if you are looking to make the most scrap money from your metal, we don’t strongly suggest never melting your […]

Scrappy Holidays Video

happy holidays

This Holiday Season the iScrap App wants to wish you, your family, and friends a healthy and happy New Year! Being huge scrap metal fans, the iScrap App Team wanted to get you in the Holiday mood with a little presentation of Scrappy Holidays! Hope you enjoy! Related Articles: Scrapping During The Winter New Year’s […]

6 TV Shows Scrappers Will Love

When the scrap yards are closed and the sun drops, sometimes it’s nice to kick up our feet and relax with some fun TV shows that scrappers just love. Below we have a list of some of our favorite TV shows we watch during our pastime and can learn a thing of two from for […]

New iScrap App Shirt Color?

Choose your color

The iScrap App Team is in need of some help! We want to know what color our next set of shirts for the holidays should be. Because our fans and audience are the ones wearing them, we want to know what you think would be best. We are going to be revealing the design of […]

Report Your Scrap Prices: Make Your Mark On The Chart

Have you ever searched online for current scrap prices only to be disappointed with the lack of information or outdated prices listed on a website? Now you can be a part of the change. The iScrap App allows our users online to report current scrap prices in the US & Canada. It’s really easy to post […]

A Closer Look: The Scrap Hunter

Take a look at how to find scrap metal on the go

So you woke up this morning, strapped on your steel toed boots, got your sawzall and drill out and went on the hunt right? Well, that might not be exactly how it happened, but we are guessing that like any hunter, whether it be treasure or big game, that you are always on the hunt […]