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✨ All New: Should You HOLD or SELL? – 10/27/21

HOLD OR SELL NON-FERROUS HOLD OR SELL FERROUS Should your HOLD or SELL? For those of you that celebrate, we hope that your costumes will be scrap appropriate such as the tin man or anything that you found along with your scrap adventures. We would love to see your pictures from your Halloween event, so […]

Copper Prices Rebounded Over $0.50/lb – 10/20/21

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= JUMP TO NON-FERROUS JUMP TO FERROUS JUMP TO NEWS Welcome to the Copper Countdown! 🎉 As many of you have seen online, we have reached near-record pricing levels again. We saw these markets similar to where they were back in May and June 2021, but they have returned the form. You might be asking […]

Is Inflation Affecting Scrap Metal Prices? – 10/13/21


JUMP TO NON-FERROUS JUMP TO FERROUS JUMP TO NEWS 18 More Days… 🎃 Until trick-or-treating returns and hopefully, scrap prices continue to go up. October is traditionally a scary month, but it looks like we might be in for quite the opposite. Copper prices have risen so far in the first week and a half, […]

Volatile Prices for Copper Scrap – 10/6/21

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JUMP TO NON-FERROUS JUMP TO FERROUS JUMP TO NEWS Let’s Talk Pancakes 🥞  What do pancakes and scrap have in common? You constantly flip-flop them and sometimes get burned. They come out looking pretty well most of the time, but you have to deal with standing there waiting. That’s kind of how we feel right […]

Scrap Metal Prices Steady Despite Ongoing Issues – 9/29/21

JUMP TO NON-FERROUS JUMP TO FERROUS JUMP TO NEWS Tick Tock ⏳ Every day it seems like we’re waiting for a metal update as we don’t know what’s going on with these markets, especially with so many problems inside the federal government. Many people keep asking what we think about the markets moving forward, and […]

Copper Prices Are Uncertain While Other Metals Thrive – 9/22/21

JUMP TO NON-FERROUS JUMP TO FERROUS JUMP TO NEWS We Have A Head-Scratcher 🥴 If I told you that within five days, copper prices moved between $0.60 and $0.70, do you think that you would be happy or upset? Well, that’s precisely what happened over the last few days, and somehow we almost ended the […]

4 Common Types of Steel Scrap

Identifying Types of Steel Where To Start Many people have asked us about the different types and prices for steel scrap grades, and we have a few to go over. While you may want to learn about as many as possible, there are a couple of places where you should begin, that is, understanding the […]

Aluminum Scrap Hitting 13-Year Highs – 9/15/21

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JUMP TO NON-FERROUS JUMP TO FERROUS JUMP TO NEWS How ‘Bout Them Apples 🍎 Do you like apples? Well, how about aluminum prices hitting 13-year highs (and in our opinion, that will not last long as prices climb more)! The markets have been tested over the last month, and that should be no surprise considering […]

Copper, Steel All Seeing Red This Week – 9/8/21

JUMP TO NON-FERROUS JUMP TO FERROUS September Weather Makes Us Smile…what about you? The markets have not skipped a beat over the Labor Day Weekend (goodbye to all of you white pants lovers, that season has passed until MDW 2022), and we have seen prices relatively strong. One of the biggest things that we saw […]

The Price of Copper Is Always Surprising Us – 9/1/21

  JUMP TO NON-FERROUS JUMP TO FERROUS JUMP TO NEWS   Prayers for Ida Victims 🙏 First things first: if you are reading this down in the Louisiana or Mississippi area, we hope and pray you’re doing okay.  Can you believe that you just reported scrap prices before reading this? Neither can we, thanks! Now […]

iScrap 2.0 is Here & Copper Pricing Is Everywhere – 8/25/21

JUMP TO NON-FERROUS JUMP TO FERROUS JUMP TO NEWS   iScrap 2.0 is HERE 📲 🎉 We know, we know. YOU ARE JUST AS EXCITED AS WE ARE FOR 2.0 TO BE RELEASED TODAY! We have been working on this for years and are excited to be sharing it with you. With updated prices, easier […]

Copper Falling From Fears of COVID Resurgence – 8/18/21

Spooked investors and other outside forces are contributing to copper’s recent fall while aluminum remains an ol’ reliable metal. Find more market news and scrap prices inside.