Current Scrap Metal Prices
Scrap Metal Scrap Price Updated Price Date
Copper National Average $3.60/lb Updated 06/19/2024
Steel National Average $178.16/ton Updated 06/19/2024
Aluminum National Average $0.48/lb Updated 06/19/2024
Catalytic Converter Average $75.93/each Updated 06/19/2024


[INFOGRAPHIC] 9 Tips To Make More Money on Scrap Metal

Looking for top tips for scrapping? The iScrap App Team has put together a visual guide to help you make more money on your scrap metal. These simple tips can make a HUGE difference in the value of your metal at your scrap yard. The iScrap App Team has put together some helpful tips to […]

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8 Most Common Items You Can Scrap For Copper Wire

When scrapping different materials and items, you will often find scrap copper wire that can be removed from the equipment and separated into scrap later. Whether you scrap your insulated copper by itself or take time to strip it, make sure to set it aside, as it can be valuable for your scrap metal profits. […]

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Debunking 4 Scrapping Myths

There are plenty of scrapping tips and helpful YouTube Channels and personalities that can help you increase your profits at the scrap yard. But sometimes some of the information can be lost in translation and forgotten about important things to note when scrapping. Like the cliche goes, time is money and we couldn’t agree more when […]

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Don’t Scrap! Re-sell Your Computer Towers

Computer towers are everywhere: libraries, your house, maybe the office. But computer towers can be so much more than just scrap sometimes. Many computer towers can be repurposed and resold for more than scrap value if you know how to put new hard drives in and update some software…but let’s dive into the actual computer […]

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When You Need Scrap Certificate of Destruction

How do you know if scrap yards are doing what they say? How do you know that scrap yards will destroy the materials you need to care for? Well, talking to your scrap yard about the process, paperwork, and assurance your information is secure is essential. Whatever types of scrap need to be recycled and […]

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Gold Recovery Instructions & Video for RAM Boards

Our friend Mike the Scrapper has published some great videos about gold refining. He decided to share the written instructions so you could follow along and see the procedure in action. As Mike states in the video, please do NOT attempt this at home. These are serious chemicals and could cause a lot of damage to yourself […]

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Grinds My Gears: Scrapping Myths

What really grinds my gears sometimes is when scrap yards aren’t clear about how you should prepare you scrap before bringing it in. So in this continuation article about 4 Myths About Scrapping, I go over some specific items that are worth asking your yard about. Keep in mind all yards are different in the […]

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Data Destruction In The Scrap Industry

Many people ask about data destruction when we talk about electronic scrap, and while this isn’t super specific to the end user, it is an important part of what we do. Data destruction is a big part of the scrap metal business, and you may be able to make a few extra bucks by looking […]

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Top 25 Most Common Scrap Metals

Which Scrap Metals Made The List?  We love scrap metal. “Who doesn’t?” is the real question, but we continuously hear questions about different examples of scrap metals and the best ones to scrap. Well, in our mind, any scrap metal is the best one to scrap, but then it gets to the question of the availability […]

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Scrap Metal 101: Starting to Recycle Your Scrap Metal

So you want to start scrapping? You don’t know where to start and it seems overwhelming. That’s where the iScrap App Team jumps in and gives you the rundown of the basics you need to know before you start recycling your scrap metal. Below we have some of the first things to start scrapping and […]

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What Are Some Electronics You Can Scrap?

Hey, iScrappers! Gobble….gobble!!! With Thanksgiving around the corner, we are looking forward to the Holiday season starting (but not the snow season for those of you in cold weather states). Turkey season is here, and we are looking forward to seeing some of the pictures from your holiday scrap loads coming in soon…speaking of pictures, […]

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What Metals Are Inside Circuit Boards?

Circuit boards are tricky and not always the easiest to figure out, so let’s discuss them today. Circuit boards are found in all types of items, including computers, microwaves, laptops, and TVs, among many other things. There are many types of metals on and in circuit boards; we want to review a few today. Common […]

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