Current Scrap Metal Prices
Scrap Metal Scrap Price Updated Price Date
Copper National Average $3.00/lb Updated 10/02/2023
Steel National Average $184.58/ton Updated 10/02/2023
Aluminum National Average $0.44/lb Updated 10/02/2023
Catalytic Converter Average $82.00/each Updated 10/02/2023


6 Money-Making Tips for Organizing Your Scrap

We always mentioned how important it is to separate your scrap metals before heading to the yard. We can’t stress that enough for many reasons. It makes the operation of unloading and weighing up easier, usually will make you more money by separating your metals, therefore you make more money! Win-win for everyone! Knowing Your […]

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Can You Take Gold From Boards?

So, Scrappers, you are trying to figure out whether or not to cut the gold fingers off your motherboards and other types of electronic scrap you are getting. But the real question will always be, “Is this really worth doing?” Years ago, electronic waste was worth much more money than it is today, even with […]

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What To Do With Old Computer Equipment

Ever find old computers and think…”Hmmm, this doesn’t look so old?” We have heard many stories about scrappers finding computers that still work but only need a new hard drive or a small connector to make the computer run again. Computers may seem like complicated machines, but with newer technology, they have become very easy […]

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Truck Safety & Maintenance Could Save You Money

Keeping good care of your scrapping truck (or vehicle) is important to maintaining a solid way to transport your scrap to the scrap yards. Having the right safety features and techniques in mind also makes your scrapping a lot easier for everyone involved. Truck Safety Tips for Scrapping Personal Safety – To maintain the level of […]

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How Scrap Metals Are Processed – [INFOGRAPHIC]

Wondering where scrap metals go after they are recycled? Ever think about how much scrap metal is actually processed annually in the United States? The iScrap App Team with the help from ISRI has some facts and figures to share with you about how scrap metals are processed. Scrap metal is one of the largest […]

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How Do You Scrap A Computer?

Many homeowners have a desktop computer in their house. If you are looking to upgrade to a laptop, it can be difficult to find a place to recycle your old computer. After you have found a local scrap yard that accepts electronic waste or e-waste, you can bring your computer to be scrapped. Scrap yards […]

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Easiest Ways to Make More Money on Scrap Metal

Sometimes while scrapping we can get carried away with the large objects and materials. Here is a refresher course on some small things you can do to make more money while scrapping. These smaller tips and objects can bring you in some good money when recycling scrap metal with your local scrap yard. Below we […]

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What To Do With Computer Power Supplies

Hey, iScrappers! Are you looking to stay warm with something to do during winter and make some money? Taking apart certain items like power supplies from computer towers may be your answer. Power Supplies can be taken apart, and you can often make 15-20% more money by using your tool skills. So pull your set […]

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4 Money-Making Items From Medical Equipment

So you have probably been to a hospital before, you have seen the tables, the chairs, the weird machines that they use, but have you ever thought of what could get scrapped in the medical world?! Most Common Metal: Stainless Steel Let’s start with something easy, stainless steel. Stainless steel is the most common metal […]

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Removing Aluminum, CPU’s & RAM Boards

Looking to make some extra money on your scrap computers and desktop towers? We have some easy to follow instructions across of our channels to help you take a computer tower apart for scrap. However, if you don’t have a ton of time to devote to taking apart everything, there are a few things you […]

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Is the Scrap Worth the Strip?

Many of our Scrapper Tips emails that go out have some great tips in them and are useful for every day scrapping and general knowledge of making more money on your scrap. The follow discusses whether the wire load you have is worth taking the time to strip it down to bare bright or #2 […]

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How Do Scrap Yards Work?

So you may be wondering how scrap yards work, what the process of recycling scrap metal includes, what to do when you go to a scrap yard, and what happens when you leave a scrap yard. Below we have some of the basic ways and expectations to have when you visit your local scrap yard. […]

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