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Truck Safety & Maintenance Could Save You Money

Keep your stash safe

Keeping good care of your scrapping truck (or vehicle) is important to maintaining a solid way to transport your scrap to the scrap yards. Having the right safety features and techniques in mind also makes your scrapping a lot easier for everyone involved. Truck Safety Tips for Scrapping Personal Safety – To maintain the level of […]

$12 Could Save Your Life: DIY First Aid Kit

Avoiding injuries at the scrap yard

Cuts and bruises are pretty typical in the scrap industry. Even if you are following the safety procedures and preventative ways to protect yourself, accidents happen. So the iScrap App Team is here to save the day, not you. So don’t rely on us for professional medical advice, just take what we have to say […]

6 Money-Making Tips for Organizing Your Scrap

bins are useful for separating your scrap

We always mentioned how important it is to separate your scrap metals before heading to the yard. We can’t stress that enough for many reasons. It makes the operation of unloading and weighing up easier, usually will make you more money by separating your metals, therefore you make more money! Win-win for everyone! Knowing Your […]

Scrapping in the Cold Weather: What You Need

Be prepared to work in cold weather

Most areas in the US and Canada begin to grip for winter and colder months once September comes around every year. While scrapping during the colder months, especially for those areas that are under freezing temperatures most of the winter, it’s important to think warm. There are some important steps and tips to use while […]

4 Tips for Fall Weather Driving

Now that the leaves are turning and the cold weather is creeping in, it’s time to start thinking about your next Fall scrap load! To make sure that you are keeping safety as your number one goal, we have added some helpful driving safety reminders for the Fall weather. Remember safety first so you, your passengers, […]

5 Top Work Boots for Safety & Comfort for Scrapping

When you are working on your feet or constantly traveling for work to collect your scrap metal, work on contractor jobs, working on home improvement, construction, or demolition, it’s important to have the right boots. Like when we’ve talked the importance of buying a good bed and work boots, we wanted to explore some of […]

Speed Dating…In A Ford Mustang

Stunt driver goes on a blind date

Ford pulled out some great moves this Valentine’s Day to get some speed dates on the road in their new 2015 Mustang. These unsuspecting guys didn’t know what was going to hit them when they went on these blind dates. Little did they know the pretty lady they met is actually a professional stunt driver. […]

Difference Between Scrap Metal & Garbage Pickups

Is it garbage or scrap?

Home owners and some companies don’t know the difference between scrap metal pickups and garbage or junk removal. So to help the general population out a bit and also bring light to the benefits of scrap metal recycling, we’ve discussed the differences and details of the two services. Scrap Metal vs. Garbage? Who ya gonna […]

How To Deal With Upset Scrap Customers

One of the hardest things to do is to lose business…and while you try to do so many things not to, it is inevitable that you will. When I have had to deal with upset scrap customers it has proven to be a challenge. Many times we are working with peddlers who do not understand our […]

4 Things To Avoid At Your Scrap Yard

Drive slow to avoid getting nails and screws in your tires

When you are traveling to the scrap yard, the last thing you want to worry about is a flat tire, broken exhaust, or other costly damage to your vehicle. If you’re like other scrappers, you rely heavily on the quality of your truck or vehicle to bring you back and forth to work or the […]

The Best Apps for Scrapping

Find cheap Gas with Gas Buddy

The smartphone has revolutionized everything in the world of retail, technology, finance, and products. While we always are able to give you good products to protect your phone, it’s also important to have the right apps on your phone. Whether you have your own junk pick up service or you just casually hunt for scrap metal […]

Debunking 4 Scrapping Myths

Learn more about scrap metal and dispel the myths

There are plenty of scrapping tips and helpful YouTube Channels and personalities that can help you increase your profits at the scrap yard. But sometimes some of the information can be lost in translation and forgotten about important things to note when scrapping. Like the cliche goes, time is money and we couldn’t agree more when […]