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This Week’s Scrap Metal Prices & Market News

Get Price Updates Emailed To You SUBSCRIBE HERE Copper Drops, But Longterm Looks Good ALSO: These Banks Are Making Us Nervous Report Date: 3/15/23 Hey Scrappers! With the March Madness basketball tournament starting, we hope you have some time to check out what is happening! \After watching the markets for the last few days, we’ve […]

2022 Fourth Quarter & Where Scrap Prices Are Heading

  Reports Sent To Your Inbox SUBSCRIBE HERE Don’t Get Too Excited About 2023 ALSO: Elections Will Affect Scrap Prices Report Date: 10/19/22 Going into the fourth quarter, we’ll see a lot of questions, primarily until the midterm elections are sorted out. On top of that, everyone continues to talk about recession, recession, recession, and […]

Where Are Scrap Prices After First Half of 2022?

The First Half of 2022 is Over! That means it’s time for our team to summarize where the markets have been and where we think they are heading for the second half of 2022. Aluminum Scrap Prices in 2022 The darling of the first quarter has dropped down by over 35% this year overall. We […]

Saving Profits from Scrapping

Invest in your business

One of the most important things to scrappers is making money. The more knowledge and resources you have for scrapping, the more money you can make. Knowing when to strip copper wire loads or how to take apart computers are all useful steps to making more money. What happens after you make the extra money? After […]

Metal Monday: Romex® Wire

Romex is a common electrical wire best stripped for additional cash

Let’s go over one of the most common house wires out there…romex. Romex® comes in many colors, yellow, white, orange, and a few others and has three copper wires inside of it. One is a bare bright wire which is the ground, and then there are two smaller gauges that could be like a 10 […]

How Do You Scrap A Microwave?

When you are cleaning out your apartment or one of your kids accidentally heated a thermos in your microwave and it combusted, it may be a good time to scrap it. Microwaves are also a very common item to find while scrap hunting in your neighborhood. Often times people just place them on the curb […]

Scrapping on a Rainy Day

Rainy day scrapping

While most days are free of rain and it is easy to scrap, there are those soaking wet days when you would rather be a duck than a scrapper. What is a scrapper to do on a rainy day? We have some ideas that may help you pass your time and make some more money […]

Why Electric Motors Are Tough To Scrap

Electric Motors. They are everywhere that you can look even if you don’t see them working. Ever roll the window down in your car? Well, we’re guessing the answer is yes and that window rolls all because of an electric motor (or multiple). Ever enter a garage door whether it is a house or a […]

6 Mistakes To Avoid When At The Scrap Yard

Don't get to the scrap yard at closing

When you are ready to head to the scrap yard, avoiding common mistakes can make you more money. Scrapping can get complicated especially when you have a lot of different materials. While we always suggest getting organized and preparing your materials is the best option, there are still other mistakes you want to avoid when you […]

What Does A Copper Mine Look Like

We all know as scrappers, we are always looking for that quick glimmer of the bright orange glow of copper pipe or wire to start collecting for scrap. Copper is a highly recycled item, mainly due to the value of it at scrap yards, however we wanted to get down to the source and find […]

Scrapping: The Perfect Side Hustle For Extra Cash

There are full-time scrappers, hard-core scrappers, part-timers, and those that grew up in the business and continued on the legacy. And then you have hobbyist scrappers: those who one day heard about this thing called scrap metal, decided to try their hand at it, and got addicted.  The Perfect Side Hustle For Extra Cash Maybe […]

A Family That Scraps Together, Stays Together

Teach recycling to your children

Scrapping copper, aluminum, brass, steel, and other metals can be very rewarding to your wallet if you do it the right way. While your scrapping can be rewarding with money, it can also be rewarding with your family and children especially. Teaching the rights and wrongs of the industry and how to make money recycling […]