Current Scrap Metal Prices
Scrap Metal Scrap Price Updated Price Date
Copper National Average $3.30/lb Updated 04/13/2024
Steel National Average $202.06/ton Updated 04/13/2024
Aluminum National Average $0.45/lb Updated 04/13/2024
Catalytic Converter Average $76.42/each Updated 04/13/2024

SCRAP NEWS | Copper Wire

This Week’s Scrap Metal Prices & Market News

Scrap Market Insights: Copper’s Leap, Steel’s Stability, and the Rise in Catalytic Converters Report Date: 4/10/2024 Hello Scrappers! This week, we’ve observed notable movements across various segments in the scrap metal market, signaling surprising and expected shifts. Our focus spans the surprising jump in copper prices to steadier territories in the ferrous market and burgeoning […]

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Recycling Electric Motors Safely: Your Complete Guide with iScrap App

Electric motors are still as commonplace as cell phones in an evolving technological landscape. These units power many devices, from vacuums and computers to air conditioners. The need for responsible recycling practices becomes crucial as these motors become more prevalent. What Are Electric Motors & What Are Electric Motors Made Of? Electric Motors are devices […]

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Maximizing Your Scrap Metal Earnings

Getting the most money from your scrap metal is one of the most crucial scrapping goals. Find the right resources and ways to maximize your scrap profits, and you will be rolling in the scrap cash. If you want to become a full-time or part-time scrapper, it is essential to do your homework. Otherwise, you […]

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5 Sure Fire Ways To Increase Profit on Scrap Metal

It’s no secret that selling scrap metal can make you a good chunk of change, but if you want to make the most money for your hard work, there are a few tips and tricks that can make all the difference. In this article, we will go over five of the best-kept secrets in the […]

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Stock Aluminum BX Wire from RR Yard

Difference Between Steel & Aluminum BX

Which will win for Steel vs. Aluminum BX? As our population increases and more and more buildings are created due to the increased demand, the need for electrical wires to be run only becomes more significant. Let’s discuss the makeup of these wires, shedding light on what they are made of, how to distinguish between […]

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Getting Started with Scrap Metal Recycling, What To Look For

Getting started with scrapping and recycling metals can be an overwhelming task for someone who isn’t familiar with the scrap industry. It is also challenging for beginners to find good information to clarify exactly where to start. The iScrap App team has years of experience in the scrap industry and lives and breathes it daily. […]

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What Scrap Metals Are Inside Computers?

As our technology continues to advance through the last few decades, it has significantly changed the value of computers in the scrap industry. For example, some components made of gold inside computers 20 years ago are now being built with less costly options like copper or aluminum. With significant changes like that in computers, the scrap […]

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Is It “OK” To Cheat The Scrap Yard?

We see videos and tips, ask questions, and see it all in the scrap metal community. Great ways to make extra money on your last load of copper wire or convenient ways to save time and money by disassembling computers. On occasion, you probably have even seen some sneaky ways that scrappers cheat their scrap yards […]

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[GUIDE] Maximizing Profits When Stripping Romex® Wire: And A Must-Have Tool To Do It

What is Romex® Wire? Romex® wire is a brand* of non-metallic sheathed cable commonly used for electrical wiring in residential and commercial buildings. It consists of three main components: the grounding wire, positive wire, and negative wire. Common Uses For Romex® Romex® wire is extensively used for electricity distribution in homes and buildings. It is […]

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What Is #2 Copper? How To Sort and Find This Copper Scrap

When it comes to scrapping copper, every piece of metal has a unique identity and value. We’ve talked a ton about Bare Bright and #1 Copper, but let’s dive into the specifics of #2 Copper. Shedding light on what sets it apart from #1 and #3 Copper that you typically find when scrapping. What’s The […]

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What Is #1 Copper? Make Sure You Know Before You Scrap It.

When delving into the scrap world, most scrappers’ primary interests are red and shiny items. Of course, we’re talking about Copper! This time, we’re delving into the realm of #1 Copper, one of the most prized commodities among scrappers. Understanding its characteristics, differentiation from other copper grades, common uses, and the methods to obtain #1 […]

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How To Separate Your Copper Scrap for Recycling

Have you ever encountered some metal or items you know can be recycled at your local scrap yard? In today’s world of energy-efficient cars and technology, recycling is a well-known practice among most communities. Scrap metal recycling is one of the largest industries in the world that adds to the growing culture of restoring, renewing, […]

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