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Scrap Metal Prices: Is this the new “copper” standard?

  Don’t Want To Miss Reports? SUBSCRIBE HERE Report Date: 9/21/22 Wondering what’s going on with metal prices? This year we heard a lot about how the prices are gonna go up — and how the prices are gonna go down. As we near the end of 2022, we’re trying to figure out what’s actually […]

Scrap Metal Prices: How will increased inflation affect scrap?

  Don’t Want To Miss Reports? SUBSCRIBE HERE Report Date: 9/14/22 Everyone hears this word inflation thrown around nowadays like it’s just another part of a regular vocabulary. What does it mean to the scrap business, and how is it going to affect you and the prices that you receive for your scrap coming? Yesterday […]

Scrap Metal Prices: Hold Copper Until September?

    Don’t Want To Miss Reports? SUBSCRIBE HERE Report Date: 08/22/22 Good Day Scrappers! This week in the market, we did not see much movement, but we saw a small upward trend beginning. We also started to hear more rumblings about the production of aluminum and zinc overseas in Europe with the potential gas […]

Scrap Price News: Steady Copper & Slow-Moving Steel

      Last Week’s Poll: Don’t Want To Miss Reports? SUBSCRIBE HERE Report Date: 08/17/22 Markets did not have much movement in the last seven days as we did not see many things happening. Copper prices were relatively flat, with no more than two pennies up or down overall which is a good sign […]

Your Scrap Knowledge & New Energy Bill Signed This Week

      RESULTS: Does your scrap yard share prices? Don’t Want To Miss Reports? SUBSCRIBE HERE Report Date: 08/10/2022 Over the last two weeks, I’ve spent much time talking to customers in the scrap yard, getting their opinions and takes on the markets. During that time, I asked many of them about their concerns, […]

Will Scrap Prices Go Back Up in 2022?

  Last Week’s Poll: Are you holding copper?   Don’t Want To Miss Reports? SUBSCRIBE HERE Report Date: 8/3/22 We’ve been doing a weekly report for the last 5 to 7 years. We’ve been talking about where the markets are and where we think that they are headed. Instead, we’re talking about what’s going on […]

Top Recommended Truck Winches of 2022

Winch Survey

Looking For A New Winch? Don’t Worry We Asked Our Experts Whether you’re a scrapper or in the market for a new truck winch, we have you covered. They are necessary when hauling larger loads or loading up cars. In a scrapper’s world, winches are used to haul cars, in addition to other equipment or […]

Can I Get Money From My Old Catalytic Converter?

CONTACT RRCATS.COM We often hear about catalytic converter theft; these devices contain precious metals like palladium, rhodium, and platinum. The FTC reported that the average catalytic converter has a few hundred dollars worth of these metals. But what happens when your converter has reached the end of its useful life? Can you still get money […]

This Week’s Scrap Prices: Copper Continues To Fall

7/27/22 HOLD Poll Don’t Want To Miss Reports? SUBSCRIBE HERE Report Date: 7/27/22 With the markets starting to react to the looming Federal Reserves increase in the interest rate, we have started to see metal commodities (and stocks/bonds/crypto/gas/oil/groceries) do all of the opposite effects that we would want. We usually enjoy the metals going up, […]

Thanks To Turkey, Steel Continues Its Climb – 7/20/22

Don’t Want To Miss Reports? SUBSCRIBE HERE Copper Recovers (Slightly) & Turkey Jolts Steel Prices Up This week we have started to see a resuscitation of the markets, with copper prices climbing by about $0.10. It’s been a welcome sight as steel prices have recovered, and some signs of optimism are starting to creep into […]

Copper Has Dropped 40% This Year – 7/13/22

Types of Minerals used in cars

Don’t Want To Miss Reports? SUBSCRIBE HERE Markets, oh Markets… Not talking about Scrap for two weeks seems to have jinxed the market as we have seen the most significant decline in three months over ten years. We have started to see the signs of federal reserves interest rate hikes kicking in, and that can […]

Where Are Scrap Prices After First Half of 2022?

The First Half of 2022 is Over! That means it’s time for our team to summarize where the markets have been and where we think they are heading for the second half of 2022. Aluminum Scrap Prices in 2022 The darling of the first quarter has dropped down by over 35% this year overall. We […]