1/18/17 Scrap Price Update: Are Prices About To Drop?

Hey iScrappers! With the first month of 2017 halfway done it is crazy to think of where the prices have started this year at…but let’s not get too excited that they are going to continue this climb. We are looking ahead to the market in February, and we may be in line for a slight […]

1/12/17 Scrap Price Update: Copper Jumps Into New Year

Hey iScrappers! Already in the 2nd full week of 2017 we have been seeing more and more prices being reported as well as prices CLIMBING across the US and Canada…let’s hope this keeps rolling. We have seen the copper markets jump and the ferrous and steel side of things has climbed as well…so let’s get […]

12/21/16 Scrap Price Update: Copper Drops…Steel Pops

Ho ho ho Scrappers! We hope that you are in for a very Merry and Happy Holiday season and we hope that you had time to cash your Christmas loads in already! With the copper prices falling about 15 cents over the last week we are hoping that you were able to cash in in […]

3 Surefire Ways To Make More Money Scrapping

making money scrapping

By now, you’re well aware that the iScrap App helps you find scrap yards near you and find the recent reported scrap prices, but did you know that we can also make you more money? There are several tips and ways to prepare your scrap metal and collect the right items that can make more […]

11/16/16 Scrap Price Update: Copper Prices Drop Slightly

Wow. Wow. Wow. Other than our team participating in the Mannequin Challenge this week…wow, what an exciting week. What other way to start this weeks update off by being in a little bit of shock. With the election over and the President-Elect Trump Administration starting to form we have seen BIG moves in the market […]

10/26/16 Scrap Price Update: Copper Prices See Slight Increase

Hey iScrappers!!! We hope that you are ready for Halloween and also ready for some good scrap news…because we have both coming! Below you can see a recent chart of the reported scrap prices we’ve received for copper wire prices across the country. Since August 2016, it seems like the copper wire prices have increased […]

5 Ideas For Scrapping During The Fall

Fall Scrapping tips

During the summer months, scrapping seems to be a bit easier with the warm weather. As the Fall season approaches, it can be more difficult to find scrap metal lying around waiting to be recycled. Luckily the iScrap App team has some ideas and tips for finding scrap metal this Fall season. Jump Into A […]

How To Get The Best Scrap Prices

iscrap app pricing

If you are scrapping for extra money, which many people are, it’s important to know how to get a better price for your metal. Getting the best scrap price is important when you are looking to unload hundreds or thousands of pounds of metal. When you are preparing your scrap load for the yard, it’s […]

Where Can You Recycle Your Aluminum Cans?

Aluminum cans may not be seen as a hot commodity in the scrap metal industry but they are just as important to scrap and recycle with your local facility as the next type of metal. Cans are a very common material for everyone to come across whether you are a homeowner, scrapper, or contractor collecting them […]

Where Can You Find Scrap Metal?

Looking for scrap metal can be a daunting task, especially if you are new to the scrapping world. While it’s easy to say you can find scrap “everywhere”, there are some more common places you can find various types of metal for recycling. Where Are The Best Places To Find Scrap Metal? One of the […]