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Don’t Delay, Hold Your Copper – 6/29/22

Join 30k Scrappers reading the 10-Min Weekly Newsletters 👇👇👇 SUBSCRIBE HERE Half of 2022 is Done Last week we continued to see energy prices decreasing as we have seen gas go down 15 days in a row. Later in this report, we will have our energy economist explain more about the markets and what’s going […]

Uh Oh…Copper’s Falling Fast – 6/22/22

Don’t Miss Reports 👇👇 SUBSCRIBE HERE What is REALLY going on? Here we are looking at the markets trying to figure out our left hand from our right hand. We’ve seen copper prices decline by over $0.60 in the last three weeks and there haven’t been any strong signs of market growth or stimulation from […]

Aluminum Prices Drop 40% Since May – 6/15/22

Don’t Want To Miss Reports? SUBSCRIBE HERE Where to begin? In the last week, we have seen massive market news and none of it seems to be good. Whether you were trying to hit it rich with cryptocurrency for the traditional copper sales, everything seems to be down right now. On top of that, we […]

Spiral of Steel Continues, New Guest This Week – 6/8/22

Don’t Want To Miss Reports? SUBSCRIBE HERE Yikes! It looks like it’s going to become a long summer fueled by high gas prices and upset scrappers. After listening to many economists over the last few weeks we have learned about the oversupply of steel across many areas of the country. These over supplies inside of […]

Will China Reopening Help Prices? – 5/25/22

HOLD OR SELL NON-FERROUS HOLD OR SELL FERROUS 🎉 Happy Birthday to Tom, the Founder of iScrap App! 🎉 – Leaving him a comment on YouTube! Wow!!!! It looks like the prices may be rising again. After seeing the Chinese essentially shut down hundreds of millions of people from working and have their economic output […]

Inflation Improving or Hurting Scrap? – 5/11/22

HOLD OR SELL NON-FERROUS HOLD OR SELL FERROUS Copper Dropping- Oil Increasing With another week of the Chinese having heavy Covid lockdowns, it continued to see metal prices declining. While that is certainly not the only issue, it is one of the hot pot and topics that recently come to counter costs. We see the […]

You Should HOLD Your Copper This Week – 5/4/22

HOLD OR SELL NON-FERROUS HOLD OR SELL FERROUS Not As Much Bad News… This week’s good news is that we don’t have any news worse than last week. We have not seen much of a market shift over the previous few days, but many things are going on that will disturb the markets that we […]

Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You – 4/27/22

HOLD OR SELL NON-FERROUS HOLD OR SELL FERROUS Where to Begin?!?! No one likes to be right about things that aren’t exciting to talk about, but that is what’s happening right now with the markets. We see a market correction across the spectrum for steel and copper as so many prices are being dropped. Many […]

Are Scrap Prices Slipping? – 4/20/22

HOLD OR SELL NON-FERROUS HOLD OR SELL FERROUS Happy Day Scrappers! Today we would love to give you about 420 reasons we love copper. But with many scrap yards across the country paying $4.20/lb for items like bare bright, we are going to let those scrap yards and numbers do the talking. With the price […]

SELL: Is A Pullback Coming To Scrap Prices? – 4/13/22

HOLD OR SELL NON-FERROUS HOLD OR SELL FERROUS Everyone wants to talk about how good the markets are and how strong they are. While these things are very true right now, things to look for are fast approaching as we see more and more numbers going up in the wrong direction. With increased fuel consumption […]

Will High Oil Prices Cause Scrap Drop Off? – 4/6/22

HOLD OR SELL NON-FERROUS HOLD OR SELL FERROUS Welcome to April! The first three months of the year are behind us, and we’re continuing to see increased prices on the horizon. We’re watching these prices, and they have continued to go up over the last week. We’ve seen copper prices increase by $0.15 a pound, […]

War, Oil, Inflation: All Fueling High Scrap Prices – 3/30/22

HOLD OR SELL NON-FERROUS HOLD OR SELL FERROUS Markets Roaring! Talk about insanity in the markets. We see absolutely no signs of stability or anything that resembles a regular trading pattern right now. These markets have been all over the place, and it’s not only due to the war in Ukraine but also because of […]