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This Week’s Scrap Metal Prices & Market News

Reports Sent To Your Inbox SUBSCRIBE HERE Copper Continues Its Winning Streak ALSO: Aluminum & Stainless Steel About To Take Off? Report Date: 11/16/22 Happy (almost) Turkey Day! Check out some of our favorite Thanksgiving Memes. We hope everyone has been watching the markets- as we’ve seen more and more reported prices increasing across the […]

2022 Fourth Quarter & Where Scrap Prices Are Heading

  Reports Sent To Your Inbox SUBSCRIBE HERE Don’t Get Too Excited About 2023 ALSO: Elections Will Affect Scrap Prices Report Date: 10/19/22 Going into the fourth quarter, we’ll see a lot of questions, primarily until the midterm elections are sorted out. On top of that, everyone continues to talk about recession, recession, recession, and […]

Where Are Scrap Prices After First Half of 2022?

The First Half of 2022 is Over! That means it’s time for our team to summarize where the markets have been and where we think they are heading for the second half of 2022. Aluminum Scrap Prices in 2022 The darling of the first quarter has dropped down by over 35% this year overall. We […]

9 High Value Auto Parts for Scrap Recycling

Most Valuable Scrap Items from a Car  “One man’s trash is another man’s valuable possession.” The old saying is significant with vehicles. You have your old boring car, but someone else is looking for such a car for reasons better known to them. You could be having an old car and thinking of trashing it […]

How Does the Scrap Metal Recycling Industry Work?

Scrap metal recycling is the process of recovering and processing scrap metal from end-of-life items or structures, as well as manufacturing scrap, to use it as a raw material in the manufacture of new goods. It may be recycled many times without losing any of its properties. It provides the raw material for new goods while […]

2022 Scrap Price Outlook Series – By iScrap App &

Wondering where scrap prices are heading in 2022? Watch this year’s outlook and find out what factors are changing prices for several key scrap metals including: 2022 Scrap Price Outlook for Copper 2022 Scrap Price Outlook for Aluminum 2022 Scrap Price Outlook for Catalytic Converters 2022 Scrap Price Outlook for Steel & Iron Watch the […]

Maximizing Your Scrap Metal Earnings

Learn how to make more money scrapping

Getting the most money from your scrap metal is one of the most important goals when you begin scrapping. Find the right resources and ways to maximize your scrap profits and you will be rolling in the scrap cash. If you are looking to become a full- or part-time scrapper, it is important to do […]

Metal Monday: Electronics for Scrap Metal

Take apart your electronics for recyclable metals

Hey iScrappers! Gobble….gobble!!! With Thanksgiving around the corner we are looking forward to the Holiday season starting (but not the snow season for those of you in cold weather states). Turkey season is here, and we are looking forward to seeing some of the pictures from your holiday scrap loads coming in soon…speaking of pictures, […]

Metal Monday: Sports Can Help With Scrap

Sports of all types have multiple different tools that they use to make them happen. Many of them include metal ones and we want to touch on key sports to look at while scrapping. Baseball/Softball: From the aluminum bats to the fencing around the fields there is a few places you can find metal. Make […]

How To Scrap A Grill

The iScrap App, Rockaway Recycling, and Moose Scrapper all teamed up to create a great video series of videos demonstrating the life of a scrapped Cast AL grill. Showing the process of taking it apart, to loading it up in the truck, finding a scrap yard, and cashing it in the videos give you an […]

When Scrap Prices Rise, Theft Goes Up

Scrap theft is preventable

Generally, when scrap prices go up, people in the scrap industry are happy. Everyone makes more money unless you lose money because of thieves, which can be common when scrap prices are high. Desperate Times, Call for Desperate Measures When scrap prices are high, there are daily reports of scrap metal thefts around the world. […]

Metal Monday: New Year’s & Gold

Gold can be recycled if you can find it.

With the 2015 here, we want to talk about one of the metals that we all want to make our New Year’s resolution….gold. Where to find it and how to sell it are major questions that people ask us and we want to answer it. We don’t know!!! We say that half jokingly, but gold is one […]